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      Attending a training course for carpet and upholstery cleaning is the best way to ensure your new carpet and upholstery cleaning business gets off on the right foot. Gathering advice from the internet and YouTube may prove helpful... or you could be misinformed.

      Cleaning carpet and soft furnishings incorrectly can cause issues and will ensure you don’t give your customers the best service, no matter how hard you try. Professional carpet cleaning training ensures you approach each job correctly and achieve the best results possible with the equipment you have.

      At Ashbys we have been running carpet cleaning training courses for the last 30 years. They are Insurance Approved with an Attendance Certificate provided on completion. We prefer to keep our classes sizes small, very hands-on and run them often, so you get a more personalised experience. Our training courses are focussed on –

      • Ensuring you can identify the items you can clean safely.
      • Understanding the thorough Ashbys hot water extraction process, to ensure you achieve the best results for your customer (full training course agenda).
      • Building the confidence you need to get out there, earn money and grow your new business!

      View availability of all carpet cleaning training courses.