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      You have the ideas; you’ve got the drive and know the equipment you need to get your new carpet cleaning business off to the strongest start possible. But there’s NO bigger mistake than attempting to build a new business on the back of sub-standard carpet cleaning equipment. For one, it’s hard and probably won’t work. Secondly, it doesn’t look professional, won’t clean to the right standard and your customers won’t to pay the right price, repeat or recommend you.

      In our opinion (based on 40 years of industry experience) – don’t waste your money.

      We offer pay monthly leasing on our entire range of new business starter packages. Paying monthly on lease allows you to get the equipment you need now to build a strong business for you and your family. Leasing top end professional carpet cleaning equipment will pay for itself, by allowing your business to grow and repeat.

      Don’t let a lack of funds prevent you from starting your new carpet cleaning business correctly and changing your life.


      Prefer to speak to an Advisor?

      For information and advice on how to fund your new carpet cleaning business, call Glin Beames from The Oxford Funding Company on:

      01242 226662

      Authorised and regulated by the Financial conduct Authority

      2nd Floor Offices, 15-16 Montpellier Arcade, Montpellier, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 1SU.