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      When you start a carpet cleaning business, the right equipment is vital. Everyone is different. Some people want to start carpet cleaning on a part-time basis, some on a full-time basis. Some have large industrial contracts to fulfil and others need carpet cleaning equipment to clean mostly domestic with some commercial situations.

      Ashbys business starter packages for carpet cleaning all include a hot water extraction machine, known as a HWE machine. Ashbys HWE process is what we consider the most thorough and hygienic way to clean carpets. It simple and as follows –

      1. Dry vacuuming to remove dry debris and pet hair.
      2. Pre-spraying with detergent loosen the remaining stuck on soilage.
      3. Agitating the carpet to rejuvenate the pile and massage in the pre-spray to maximise its effectiveness.
      4. Rinse and extract away the loosened soilage and detergent with fresh clean water mixed with a very small amount of high quality detergent, using your Ashbys HWE machine.
      5. Finish by spray applying products that fix colour, prevent carpet browning, sanitise to prevent musty odours and deodorise.
      6. Finish by grooming the carpet pile in same direction to remove all tool marks before drying.

      Your customers’ carpets will now be fresh and clean, ready for re-use.

      The HWE machines in our starter packs for carpet cleaning work on the same principle –

      • Rinsing solution is sprayed in to the carpet via a high pressure solution pump, measured in Pounds per Square Inch (psi). Our professional carpet cleaning packages have carpet cleaning machines with 250, 400, 600 & 800 psi pump options – all of which have adjustable flow-rate control to prevent over-wetting of carpets, ensuring you get the fastest possible drying times for your customer.
      • Simultaneously the soilage and rinsing solution is being extracted using a powerful vacuum system, leaving the carpet clean, residue free and ready for the next step of the process.

      Whether you intend to start on a full or part-time basis, working from a car, estate car or a van, Ashbys Cleaning Equipment have carpet cleaning business start-up packages to suit your requirements.