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      Why start a carpet cleaning business?

      Starting a carpet cleaning business allows you to take control of life - by making you the boss. With your own carpet cleaning company you can dictate your working hours, take holidays when you want, no worries of redundancy and get the rewards of your own efforts with a sense of achievement that only comes from building a successful carpet cleaning business using your own ideas.

      Starting a carpet cleaning company is not expensive

      For the cost of a family holiday, your own carpet cleaning company can change your life forever, without risking large amounts of money. Run your carpet cleaning business from home - no new premises cost or rent to pay. Get tax relief by claiming your telephone, vehicle and running costs (including fuel allowance) against your business. Clothing, any equipment or usable products you purchase are also tax deductible, so you save money on expenses that you already have. No cash flow problems - your domestic and most commercial customers will pay on completion of the job.

      We also offer business finance leasing

      Leasing allows you to use the best carpet cleaning equipment, getting your new business off to the strongest start without a large initial outlay. Spread the cost by paying monthly and let the equipment to pay for itself, as you work and grow your carpet cleaning business.

      Everyone you meet is a potential customer – domestic or commercial

      When you start a carpet cleaning business, you’re creating a repeating business. Loyalty is soon created by doing a great job, being polite, friendly and maintaining a professional business image. You'll become the trusted expert in your field and build a strong local carpet and upholstery cleaning business. With Ashbys carpet cleaning equipment we can guarantee you’ll have the opportunity to provide a top quality service. Recommendation is the life-blood of any carpet cleaning company and as your business grows; your need to advertise will naturally decrease, until your costs become minimal. A strong and numerous customer base will give you real job security and a valuable business asset.

      Established 40 years, we have everything you need
      • Ashbys Cleaning Equipment is family-run and been established since 1979.
      • We manufacture carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment in the UK which we sell direct – not via distributors. You benefit and save money by dealing directly with us.
      • We have a wealth of experience and in-depth product knowledge.
      • Ashbys carpet cleaning machines are compatible with lots of our accessories and can be upgraded at a later date. Your equipment can evolve as your carpet cleaning business grows.
      • We run Insurance Recognised Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Training Courses, which come free with a new machine purchase.
      • There are no ongoing franchise fees – buy your equipment, get trained and everything you earn is yours to keep.
      • Ashbys provide back-up support offering free advice, supplying thousands of carpet and upholstery cleaning products on next day delivery and have a rapid in-house equipment service workshop.
      • Ashbys products are recognised market leaders – you’ll benefit from the confidence of knowing that no one can do the job better than you. Enter your new business at the top level.
      • Choose from a range of equipment to suit the type of work you want to do, your vehicle and of course your budget.