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      Joshua Gill - Clear Cleaning | 09/08/2018

      Fantastic machine, chemicals and customer service! They go that extra mile every time I visit.

       William Anderson - Total Carpet Clean | 08/08/2018

      Hi Martin

      I just wanted to touch base with you about the Enforcer.

      You were very accurate when you said if I liked my Ashbys Ninja, I would love the Enforcer. This machine is some piece of kit and oozes quality from every inch. The customers wow reaction when I bring the Enforcer in makes it even better. Over the past 13 years I’ve had 3 other machines from different manufactures and my Ninja - the Enforcer just blows them all away! It won’t be long until I’ve ordered another one.

      Thanks very much for your help during the process.

      Kind regards

      William Anderson
      Total Carpet Clean

       Phansavath Vong - SAS MP | 26/04/2018

      Ashbys Enforcer is a high-performance carpet machine with good suction. The system to load the machine into the truck is very convenient. I am satisfied and happy to have this Enforcer in France.


       Dave Power - Dirt Buster | 24/04/2018

      Had my Enforcer 3.5 years and no problems at all. Great machine.

       Alan Trim - Newclean | 28/03/2018

      The Enforcer is incredible. I've used several machines over the years but this has by far the best performance. I also recommend the stain removers Ashbys Spotter 1, 2 and 3. Totally outperform other products I'd been using. You're welcome to get in touch with me through this post and I'll be happy to wax lyrical about the level of service and performance Ashbys offer.

       Mike Jones - Square Foot Cleaning | 13/03/2018

      We have had the Ashbys Enforcer a few months now and we find it to be a great carpet cleaning machine. The first thing you notice is that it has been designed by people that clean carpets. The switches are placed in areas of the machine where they are less likely to come in to contact with water and the extra set of wheels on the top of the machine make it much easier to tilt and roll into the van without straining your back. At 400 psi there's plenty of pressure for carpets and a dial on the side so you can monitor and reduce if needed, for example cleaning upholstery. All round the Enforcer’s a very sturdy and powerful carpet cleaning machine.

       Martin Smith - Martin's Cleaning Services Ltd | 16/02/2018

      Firstly 10 stars for the Enforcer carpet cleaning machine! The built-in solution tank heater works great and is very easy to use. The built-in solution tank feed works like a dream, taking water direct from my storage tank - used it to clean a church and university meeting rooms. The Enforcer looks the part and it’s red and black, our colours too! Great machine.

       Gile Tomlinson - Reflections Environmental Ltd | 12/02/2018

      I would rate my Ashbys Enforcer carpet cleaner with full marks. It’s a great machine with a lot of capacity for the big jobs. Good power and with the inline V2 SteamMate heat exchanger, it’s a winning combination.

       Nigel Davies - TrueClean | 09/02/2018

      Hi Martin - Thank you to you and Derek for the extreme courtesy shown when I recently picked up my 600 psi Enforcer carpet cleaning machine. I've been working it very hard this week and every time the results have been superb! The vacuums are so powerful that I am now cleaning at a pressure rate I used to think was impossible!

      Purchased an Enforcer carpet cleaner last year and it has exceeded expectations. Excellent customer service too. I would have no issues in recommending Ashbys.

       Lucy Ann Waggett - LCS Kent | 28/01/2018

      We Love Ashbys Enforcer carpet cleaning machine. As a small business owner it is important for me to keep up with the bigger company's out there that is why I bought Ashbys Enforcer carpet cleaner. It really is an amazing machine, well designed mobile and with the power to get the job done. I know what you’re thinking now and I thought the same - all the reviews rave about machines and equipment all the time! And we have all bought something in the past that has left us wanting or disappointed. This however is the real thing, in fact it exceeded my expectations.

      As a company Ashbys Cleaning Equipment are very helpful kind and loyal to their customers. Every time you buy a machine from Ashbys, Derek Ashby will take the time out of his day to help guide you through all aspects of the equipment which is a real nice personal touch that sadly you don't see that often nowadays. Martin Ashby is much the same, he’s never too busy to help when you need information, product advice or you have a problem which a lot of companies could learn from in this busy computer age we live in.

      Putting aside the fantastic customer service the Enforcer Ashbys have built is truly just amazing, a really manoeuvrable carpet cleaning monster! I don't believe there is anything out there in the same league as the Enforcer – it’s that good and I love it! Thank you Ashbys.

       Mr William Friel - WM Friel & Son Carpet Cleaning | 27/01/2018

      We’ve used Ashbys for over 15 years and ordered all types of their machines, from the Ninja through to the Enforcer. You won't beat this company for sales, servicing and after-sales care including supplying spare parts etc. Really good service.

      Review for Ashbys Enforcer carpet cleaning machine
      Marek Gorski - Trust Cleaner | 25/01/2018

      Ashbys is very professional and willing to help if necessary. The Enforcer purchased from them works perfectly and I'm proud to have joined the Enforcer family!

       Paul Clapham - Superdri Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning | 23/01/2018

      I have had my 400 psi Enforcer for 18 months now. I’m really pleased with the build quality of the machine and the performance. If you are thinking about buying one of these machines from Ashbys, then stop thinking about it and just buy one! - you will not regret it.

       Dan & Steve - Gladiator Cleaning Ltd | 17/01/2018

      I've lost count of how many times we've been told that someone else has already tried and failed to clean a stain, only for our Enforcer to remove it easily. Our business thrives on word of mouth and that kind of reputation is invaluable. Ashbys Enforcer really is the best carpet cleaning machine you can buy!

       Szymon Neumann - Carpet Pro | 01/11/2017

      I am extremely happy with the current performance of the Enforcer bought from Ashbys. I highly rate it - 5/5 and recommend the machine to all the other carpet cleaners in the area. The suction feels great on long hose runs and the in-tank heater is also a great perk!

      I would also like to mention that customer service is excellent from the Ashbys team, never failed to answer any of my questions and the deliveries always come as scheduled! Thank you!.

       Ben Davison - The Carpet Boss | 31/10/2017

      After many years of cleaning carpets using a truck mounted system, I was sceptical about turning to a portable system. I’ve used portables before and always found them to be lacking in power and most, poorlAfter biting y designed, but the Ashbys Enforcer is on another level.

      For me the Enforcer’s like using a truck mount I can push about! The machine is designed perfectly with the wheels on the back making it easy to take in and out of my van.

      For anyone thinking about buying one of these, I would say stop thinking and go get one! When purchasing mine, the very friendly staff took me through exactly how the Enforcer operated and the how to get the best out of it.

       Steven Fillingham - Horwich Carpet Cleaning | 25/08/2017

      After biting the bullet I purchased Ashbys Enforcer and it was then I realised that my job had just got easier. After using another well known fibreglass machine for years, using my new Enforcer was like a breath of fresh air. I now have it van mounted and rarely get it out of the van. The Enforcer’s a serious piece of kit.

       Darran Price - Squeak & Bubbles | 22/07/2017

      First of all your customer service was excellent, from asking questions about the machine through to purchasing it.

      Having cleaned carpets since 2008 using other well known brands I must say, this machine is a beast. From build quality to the performance, the Enforcer holds back nothing. Even at 150ft the power behind the Enforcer is fantastic and the drying times far surpasses anything else I have used.

      Five star review from Darran at Squeak and Bubbles in Leeds.

       Wayne Dean - Xtremeclean ECO | 30/06/2017

      I've been involved in this industry for 24 years and have had my fair share of both portable and truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines from various manufacturers. The Enforcer is stunning, both in build quality and performance producing extreme power and heat. It has certainly surpassed my expectations. Ashbys, you have quite literally produced the perfect portable!

       James Elder - Elder James Clean Co | 18/04/2017

      I would certainly highly recommend Ashbys Enforcer to anyone serious about cleaning carpets or upholstery. The Enforcer is a very well thought-out machine that has clearly been designed by people who have cleaned carpets themselves. Excellent performance. I Love this machine. Also have to say I would and will be using Ashbys for any future purchases. Very pleased with the excellent customer service.

       Scott Kelly - K-Vax | 06/04/2017

      I just had to share this video with you all. Look at what this machine can do! This carpet wasn’t even that dirty to look at, but you can see the wand just lift it all without any effort what so ever. Can you say super-wand!!! Ashbys Cleaning Equipment has definitely got it right with the mighty Enforcer!

       Louis Maley - Maleys Magic Carpets | 06/04/2017

      Ashbys do brilliant training courses that give you all the knowledge you need to know. They sell all the best equipment. I get all my equipment and my Enforcer from them.

       Nigel Twigg - Rejuven8 Carpet Care Ltd | 28/03/2017

      After testing the machines from two other UK manufacturers and reviewing all the competition, we at Rejuven8 Carpet Care Ltd were left in no doubt that Ashby's Enforcer was by far the superior carpet cleaning machine. It is the quality of the build and the thoughtful design that puts the Enforcer above the competition. The casing and wheels are stronger, the access points for the tanks are more accessible and seal tighter, the controls are protected by a recess and a drip bead, and the power cables wrap away tidily. Simple ideas that make a big difference.

      And the performance is fantastic! Our customers are often shocked by what we can achieve. Some advice... include the V2 SteamMate and a Hydroforce Revolution inline sprayer.

      Not only is the Enforcer superior, but the after sales support is excellent. The staff are happy to talk through difficult jobs and find solutions without over selling products that aren't necessary.

       Steven Worsley - Task Carpet Cleaning | 13/03/2017

      I own Task Carpet Cleaning and we have been operational for over 4 years now. We have on average 4 clients per day, 6 days a week. It was vital that we purchased a new machine that could cope with this type of use. After much searching we decided to buy Ashbys 400 psi Enforcer and I can definitely say that it was a wise choice indeed.

      From the moment it arrived I was very impressed, packed correctly and securely, which put my mind at rest when checking it over before accepting delivery. This was a great sign, as in the past we have had items delivered from suppliers damaged and it causes untold aggravation.
      Using the Enforcer is like a breath of fresh air. It is very robust, which is essential as it is loaded in and out of the van numerous times during the day. The ease of which you can load it and remove it still astounds me. Setting up takes a matter of minutes as we can now leave it outside the client’s dwelling without fear of the weather turning sour.

      From little things like the electrical plugs being able to be secured on the machine without getting damaged, to the way the machine is so well balanced in order to lever it up numerous steps in the client’s garden to reach the front door, makes such a difference.
      The performance of the Enforcer is second to none. The suction is fantastic and really puts your mind at rest when you are cleaning an upstairs flat.
      All in all, I would rate my Enforcer machine as 5 stars, but most importantly I would say it has been designed by a carpet cleaner for a carpet cleaner.
      Thank you for your patience when I was deciding on which machine to purchase. I know I was on the phone a lot asking numerous questions. It made a refreshing change to actually get answers rather than a sales pitch.
      All the best for the future and we look forward to dealing with you in the future.

       Daniel Moore - DG Moore Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning | 20/01/2017

      I would like to say I am absolutely delighted with my Ashbys Enforcer. There is no other carpet cleaning machine in the market that matches it cleaning abilities. Here is a video of it in action just eating through dirt and grime. The Enforcer is 5 stars all day long.

       Ben Saunders - Flawless Cleaning Services | 20/01/2017

      Ashbys have made a perfect carpet cleaning machine with the Enforcer. It has so many great features and little things that make your life easier. A great investment and the built-in V2 SteamMate Is outstanding.

       Ian Johnson - Siemens Transportation UK | 18/01/2017

      Siemens had been looking for a compact powerful machine to improve the presentation of our train fleet carpets. After multiple trials it became clear that the Ashby Enforcer was the carpet cleaning machine we required. The support and training provided was first class and the Enforcer’s are truly 5/5 for the heavily stained carpet we deal with and the huge footfall that travels across them.

       Julio Vazquez - Arias Cleaning Services Ltd | 01/01/2017

      In my opinion, Ashbys Enforcer is the best carpet machine on the market. Everything I clean is pretty much dry after I turn off the machine. I have just over 4 years experience in carpet cleaning and I have never seen a vacuum strength like the one in my Enforcer. It’s quiet too, so the noise is not a problem for the customer or their neighbours.

      The carpets I clean look amazing. The sofa’s I clean look brilliant and the customers cannot believe how soft and dry the end result feels. The machine is easy to manoeuvre and load in and out of the van. I love my Enforcer and it’s never let me down on any job!

      The Enforcer’s easy for me to clean and maintain. Even with cold water in the tank, just put the built-in immersion heater on for 5 minutes and you’ll have all the power you need to clean. Big thank you to Martin at Ashbys too, because all of what he explained about the machine is absolutely right.

       Richard & Tara - Shoreline Cleaning Skegness | 21/11/2016

      We bought the Ashbys 400 psi Enforcer with in-tank heater about 4 months ago to replace an old machine from another manufacturer. Moving to a new area, we were looking for a machine that could be run from one power lead at a time, as we would be doing more static caravan cleaning. The design & build quality is outstanding, it’s very easy to get in and out of the van because of the rear wheels and roller-bars plus the Enforcer has an easy to fill funnel top solution tank and locking front castors. The bonus bit for us is that we have used the Enforcer van-mounted, running 75 ft of hose. We rate the Ashbys Enforcer as 5 out of 5.

       Gary Allen - Allens Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning | 11/11/2016

      Just letting you know I received my Enforcer on Monday, I'm really impressed with the design, build quality and performance - it's the best portable I've used!

      No doubt you'll be hearing from me soon to do more business.

       Ralph Willis - Specktrum Fabricare Services | 09/11/2016

      Where to start? I've been using Ashbys Enforcer 400 psi with built-in V2 SteamMate for around a year now. Having used Ashbys Ninja’s for 13 years in a variety of configurations, I can honestly say that the Enforcer is a beast of a machine (as many of my customers have called it!).

      Most of my work is commercial and this machine has performed faultlessly. So much so, that in comparison the Enforcer has taken around 1 to 2-1/2 hours off many of my larger jobs, allowing me to fit in a smaller job in my working day or just have an earlier finish. Unless you have a high-end truckmount, the Enforcer can't be beaten - but then a truckmount can't go into a tower building...

      Everything about the Enforcer shouts quality, from the shower-proof design to the recessed controls and cable wrap / dual function loading rollers. The fact that you can use 2" or 1-1/2" vac hose is also nice. The tanks are of a good size and will allow you to work for a hour or so on a commercial site without needing to fill or empty.

      Now the Enforcer is great, but not suited to being dragged up more than a few steps, so you’ll need enough hose sets to extend and access all your working areas. Enter Ashbys Ninja – a great well balanced all-rounder, suitable for one person to get up staircases.

      For those on a budget, just starting out or looking for a smaller machine that can be transported easily by car, the Sensei is great for those little awkward jobs like a flat with no lift and packs one hell of a punch for its size.

      I recently bought a Sensei after many years of wanting to a point where it was needed. The very first job, I was shocked at how well this machine performed. It’s compact but got plenty of power. If you need instant heat then just buy the external Portable V2 SteamMate.

      For that odd chair clean, spotting or mattress cleaning job, you can't go wrong with the Pro Spot. I've had this a few years now and works a treat. I've even cleaned the odd flight of stairs with this machine (though not recommended on a regular basis).

      I’ve been carpet cleaning and dealing with Ashbys for 28 years. I’ve tried many systems over that time but I've yet to find a company that compares to Ashbys for their overall commitment to the customer, machines and service. Ashbys are nothing short of dedicated professionals.

      Philip Murphy - Mayfair Cleaning Company | 14/10/2016

      Mayfair have owned the Enforcer for about 1 year and chose it through recommendation from a (friendly) rival. It does everything that it should and has been designed and put together to remove some of the annoying features of other carpet cleaning machines. All in all we use it 2-3 times a week, it has always worked (we expected that!) and leaves carpets quite dry, thanks to the suction power...

       Mr & Mrs Olszewski - Raf's Cleaning Service | 12/10/2016

      When we bought our first machine from Ashbys (a Sensei), we thought that it's amazing - customers were happy, we had more and more jobs, much more phone calls and Facebook requests. 7 months ago we drove to Ashbys just to service our machine and we asked them to show us how the Sensei's biggest brother, the Enforcer works. 2 weeks later we've decide to buy one with a 400 psi pump, built in Immersion Heater System and all the other tools we needed.

      It made a massive difference. Customers are impressed with the quality of our work, the drying times, how the Enforcer looks and the size of the machine :). 3 months ago we've decided to buy Ashbys Portable V2 SteamMate and now as a company, we feel we can deliver absolutely the best quality! We're totally happy and more importantly, we have more and more repeat-customers just because of the quality delivered by Ashbys Enforcer – and of course us as well! :) 5 stars from Raf's Cleaning Service!

      All the above pictures were kindly provided by Raf Olszewski - Raf's Cleaning Service


       Adam Zussman - AZ Carpet Cleaning | 10/10/2016

      Ashbys Enforcer 400 psi model is by the far the best machine we have had - and I say this having previously owned several other powerful non-Ashbys machines all costing more than the Enforcer. Its vacuum strength is much stronger than anything else I've used (even when using a vac booster on previous machines). This, along with its robustness and easy manoeuvrability, is the reason I’m giving Ashbys Enforcer a 5 star review.

      All the above pictures were kindly provided by Adam Zussman - AZ Carpet Cleaning

       Marco Moreira – | 29/09/2016

      After carpet cleaning for 15 years with other branded machines, I must say Ashbys Enforcer is by far the best, fastest and most reliable carpet cleaner that I have ever worked with. Using the 400 psi pump I agree that is all you need, unless you want to inject cleaning solution in to the underlay! Using the Ashbys V2 SteamMate inline heater in conjunction with my Enforcer has reduced drying times by 80% - in other words, without the need for air movers, by the time I leave site the carpet is virtually dry! While using 100 ft of hose, the suction has never underperformed.

      The Rotovac 360i carpet and hard floor cleaning tool reduces fatigue by 75% even on the toughest jobs.

      A big thank you to Derek and Martin for providing comprehensive knowledge and advice. My score for the Enforcer is 5 out of 5. Ashbys V2 SteamMate is 5 out of 5. The Rotovac 360i is 4.5 out of 5. Custom service at Ashbys is 5 out of 5.

      All the above pictures were kindly provided by Marco Moreira –

       Joseph Farrell - | 22/09/2016

      I have used an Ashbys Enforcer carpet cleaning machine for 4 years. It delivers great results and its appearance leaves customers impressed and at ease, knowing they are getting their carpets cleaned with a top spec professional carpet cleaning machine. It’s easy to use, tough, durable and can even be left outside in the rain. I would certainly buy one again and recommend it as a first choice for those looking for a new machine that's top spec, professional, looks the part and delivers great results.

      Joe Dempsey - Kleenrite UK | 14/08/2016

      I rate Ashbys Enforcer a 5 out of 5. The Enforcer is by far the best carpet cleaning machine we have used. Its power and performance far outperforms other machines we have owed and tested before we made our choice to buy the Enforcer from Ashbys. I would highly recommend this product and the guys at Ashbys to anyone considering a new machine or as a start up.

       Guy Parsons - The Carpet Cleaning Guy | 28/07/2016

      The Enforcer has been perfectly designed for the needs of the carpet cleaner in terms of power, manoeuvrability and appearance. The van loading system reduces strain on the back, which is very welcome, and I have received many positive comments from customers who are impressed with how it looks when it is brought to the doorway. I recently had the vacs and pump working continuously over 10 hours and there was no dip in performance or cut out due to overheating which helped me get the job done within the allocated time.

      I must also add that the Silencer is a good option to add as it dramatically reduces noise where necessary.

       Kyle Down - Tip Top Carpets | 03/07/2016

      5 star for Ashbys Enforcer. Really easy to use and takes the hard work out of carpet cleaning. Couldn't imagine using any other machine.

       Hubert Bialek - Eco Steam Team Ltd | 29/06/2016

      Bought it a year ago and have to admit the 400 psi Enforcer is an amazing machine. Will highly recommend it to anyone. They also sell the best chemicals available on the market. Thank you guys for everything!

       Gary Dickinson - Home & Garden Maintenance | 20/06/2016

      My rating on your Enforcer is 5 star – it’s excellent.

      I don't use the Enforcer a great deal and is not my full time job, however I've never had any problems with the Enforcer. Ashbys are a family-run business, so I've been able to call and ask for advice. Ashbys 2 day training course was excellent and informative. Hands-on training was good and tackled possible problems whilst at a customer’s property. The Enforcer is brilliant for loading on and off the vehicle.

       Jez Stocking - Aquatek | 06/06/2016

      I have found the Enforcer to be an excellent product and would rate it 5*. The efficiency of the machine is second to none and has never let me down.

      Three years ago when I was considering changing my machine I considered purchasing a built-in van-mounted machine, but after seeing the Enforcer's performance I decided that this machine was more than equal to the truck-mount and offered more flexibility, as it is portable.

      This Enforcer has cut down the time taken for each job, thus enabling me to take on more work. I also think that by using the Enforcer, I have been able to improve on my quality of work.

      I would have no hesitation in recommending this machine.

       Graham Airey - Cumbria Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning​ ​| 27/05/2016

      Wow, what a machine! Since I purchased my Enforcer in January 2016, I have been nothing but impressed with it. Having the built-in V2 SteamMate has made a massive difference to my cleaning. Not only do see a great improvement in the cleaning, but because of the added heat it means I spend less time on the job, so I can do more in a day and maximise my profits.

      The Enforcers twin vacuum system is great as well. On larger jobs I quite often use 100ft of hose and maybe sometimes 125ft - and still get great results and quick drying times.

      If I was to recommend a portable carpet cleaning machine, then it would definitely be the Ashbys Enforcer 400psi with the built-in V2 SteamMate inline heater.

      One more thing, I found the customer service I received from Ashbys was second to none.

       Ian Bricknell - Oven Heaven ​| 25/05/2016

      I would rate the performance as 5 stars. I bought the Ashbys Enforcer following a direct recommendation from a janitorial supplier in Hove. I previously worked for a carpet cleaning business 10 years ago that used a truck mounted machine and I would say the Enforcer’s power is comparable.

      The Enforcer’s design and features are faultless and many of my customers have affectionately called it ‘a beast’. The machine is very heavy but there are enough wheels and handles that it can be moved in and out of my transit van relatively easily.

       Tony Cheek - Pristine Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners ​| 25/05/2016

      I would rate my Enforcer as 5 stars. Excellent. On par with a truck-mount. The Enforcer is great. 21 years in the business and best machine yet.

       Chris Cloke - Sparkle Carpets ​| 10/05/2016

      I have had my Ashbys Enforcer for 4 months now. I honestly believe that this is a great piece of engineering. Everything has been thought through - from how the leads wrap up, to the slanting drainage in the recovery tank. The remote control option is a must, as I save a lot of time using this option.

      Martin, Edward and Derek always offer helpful advice whenever I visit Ashbys. Having owned a Ninja (which I still love), the Enforcer carpet cleaning machine’s a step-up.

      5 Stars all round.

       Andrew Pisnyy - Valentina Cleaning Services | 13/04/2016

      I am very happy with Ashby’s service – reliable, quick and professional. I give you 5 stars!!!. A+.  My Enforcer as well as Rotovac works absolutely fine and I am very happy with my purchase.

      The 2-day course was also very good and very informative. As I was a novice at the time I was very happy to see the practical part as well as theoretical and even had an opportunity to try handling the machine a little and doing my first ever strokes.

      I believe I have now improved a lot and have had many happy clients, but still need to practice more (especially with the stain removal and upholstery cleaning).

       Tony Ash - Owner of ATA Carpetwise | 18/03/2016

      I recently purchased my Ashbys Enforcer 400 psi carpet cleaning machine and decided to write a few lines, to say how pleased I am. I have been trading for 20 years now and have used quite a few different portable machines. I have to say that this Enforcer is by far the best machine I have ever used. The build quality of the Enforcer is second to none. It is really robust. It can be left outside in all weathers and with the twin vac motors, this machine pulls the water for the carpet exceptionally well. I run my Enforcer with a 75 ft hose and on occasion have run a 100 ft hose length with no loss of suction. The V2 SteamMate is a wonder to behold and greatly reduces drying times. All in all, this is a fantastic machine which has greatly enhanced my business. I give the Ashbys Enforcer 10 out of 10.

       Mr Tim Barcroft - 2B Clean | 03/03/2016

      The Enforcer I ordered from Ashbys has surpassed my expectations and compared with the service that is being offered locally by other carpet cleaning companies, I feel I’m right up there with the best. I’m receiving great feedback from all my customers.

       Mr Tony Girdlestone - A&M Cleaning Services | 01/02/2016

      5* for the machine and the performance. Aesthetically great too.

       Mr John Walsh - Complete Carpet Cleaning Solutions Liverpool | 15/01/2016

      Well what can I say! The Enforcer is one unbelievable machine. Will highly recommend to anyone wishing to purchase one. The advice you get from Martin and Derek is second to none absolutely brilliant people to deal with. The after sales is as good as the machine. Well done with the Enforcer, totally outstanding machine.

       Mr Radoslav Denev | 14/01/2016

      My rating is 5 stars for sure!!! I have an Enforcer with 400 psi pump and I can say this is definitely the best technology for carpet cleaning. The Enforcer is so powerful in all aspects and makes cleaning dirty carpets and upholstery a piece of cake, especially when you have a V2 SteamMate inline heat exchanger on-site as well.

       Mr Justin Scudder - Amdecon Ltd | 04/01/2016

      I changed my carpet cleaning machine after having a demo with the Ashbys Enforcer. I’d had other carpet cleaning machines in the past, but the Enforcer is by far the best.

      For example, the power of the Enforcer is second-to-none. It has enabled me to build my company on masses of good reviews and it’s so easy to use. I'm sure if you use one - you will agree.

      Thank you to Ashbys for selling me a quality product.

       Anna & Guy Bellamy - Tunbridge Wells Carpet Cleaners | 22/12/2015

      We have been using the Ashbys 400 psi Enforcer with built-in V2 SteamMate for a year now and still after all this time we cannot believe the power of this machine. 

      We have purchased many other machines over the years and nothing comes even close to the performance of Ashbys Enforcer.

      Every time I turn up o customers' door, the very first comment they make is about the machine and how good it looks! AND BELIEVE ME, IT IS GOOD AS IT LOOKS.

      Highly Recommend!

       Mr David Stevens – Chartwells, Millfield School | 11/12/2015

      We have found the Enforcer to be an amazing carpet cleaning machine. As you know I work at Millfield School, where we have a lot of dorms and the carpets get a lot of traffic. I have used a few carpet cleaning machines in my time and found the Enforcer to be far better. We have the 400 psi model, which we find has more than enough power. It really gets into the carpet and the vacuum leaves the carpet relatively dry.

       Mr Mike Wilkinson – Carpet Steam Clean Specialists | 30/11/2015

      Hi Martin. I think you and your father have done a really good job with the design of the Enforcer. The Ninja is an excellent machine, but the Enforcer has outshone it. The cables are much neater just by virtue of the fact that they are not flapping around loosely. Even though the Enforcer is much larger, it is in fact easier to move around in and out of the motor. The larger capacity tanks are also a bonus. I don't mean this in a funny way, but the Enforcer has an aggressive look about it so therefore customers are always impressed when they see it for the first time. It looks a far more robust machine than other carpet cleaning machine in the market place. All in all, a top quality product that always delivers great results.

       Mr Chris Hendy – Hendy Clean | 03/11/2015

      I would rate the Enforcer as 5 star. The majority of properties we visit are empty, where we are carrying out the end-of-tenancy cleans. The carpet cleaning is always done at the end and the Enforcer’s easy to set-up. We can work our way out of the property fairly quickly, closing the door behind us with the carpets looking and smelling fantastic.

      The previous machines we used never did as good a job and the work took a lot longer to carry out and dry out. The only fall back is that occasionally we do have to get it up steps and the machine is very heavy. However Ashbys did explain this to us, being that every part of the Enforcer is built to last and of the best possible materials.

      I've not had any problems getting used to the machine and it seems to do an excellent job every time. Very pleased I chose the Enforcer and it’s nearly paid for itself already.

      The Enforcer is making my life a lot easier, which can never be a bad thing and I feel that I am giving my customers a first class service.

       Mr Philip Hughes – Rolan Contract Cleaners | 03/11/2015

      I am very happy to endorse Ashbys machines, otherwise I would not have brought one 400 psi Ninja and three 400 psi Enforcer's!

      The Enforcer, all be it with much the same internal components as the Ninja, has a great visual impact on customers as a serious bit of commercial equipment. It really does ‘look the part’ - and it is too. It is a well-designed machine that I would find hard to improve upon.

      Luke and Lucy Bradley – The Clean Carpet Company | 27/10/2015

      We have been running our two Enforcers for 5 months now and I'm so pleased and happy with both. I have run several truckmount machines over the last 10 years, but rising costs of fuel and servicing has put me off. I have seen no disadvantages to using our Enforcers instead of the truckmount, only benefits. We are saving over £150 a week in fuel and no loud noise from the truckmount. The performance of the Enforcer is amazing and we are getting similar, if not better drying times. We regularly run 100 ft of hose on the Enforcer alone and have run 250 ft off the Enforcer fitted with optional Vacuum Booster on large commercial jobs. We spent a lot of time when looking at a new portable, but chose the Enforcer due to everything running off the one plug with the heater running off the second and the fact that the operator has been thought of when the machine was designed. Buying the Enforcer has been the best decision we have made for our business.

      Wayne Palmer – Ecocleen | 06/10/2015

      I really like the way the machine is designed with the user in mind. What more can I say, I only recommended this morning that someone takes a look at it if they want a carpet cleaning machine!

      Ian Austin – King Kleen | 12/09/2015

      I have run my business for the last 14 years and only used portable machines all that time. I can honestly say that the Enforcer is by far the best I have ever used. Its great design makes its very practical and easy to use and its menacing looks thoroughly impress the customers. It is heavy so don’t expect to chuck it around too much, but I have found I can double the hoses up and the darn thing just keeps up the excellent cleaning it does with the shorter length. I take my hat off to all at Ashbys for another fantastic product and also the service that goes with it. My overall rating would have to be a 5 star. I am really pleased with my Enforcer and have had some outstanding results with faster dry times. A quality bit of kit that looks good and performs as good as it looks. Thanks.

      Malcolm Heath – K&H Cleaners | 11/09/2015

      Have been in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry for 34 years. Started off with a 50 psi pump, 1 motored machine. 34 years on and I have the best portable carpet cleaner on the market. Top marks. 400 psi pump and two vacuum motors. 5 out of 5. Cheers.

      Carl Smith - Smith Percy Cleaning Company | 07/08/2015

      Sorry this review took ages to come back, I had a large carpet clean coming up in a social club that hadn't had its carpets cleaned in 15 years, so thought it the ultimate test for the machine (needless to say it passed the test hands down).

      On a star rating of 1 to 5, I absolutely rate the Enforcer a 5 star.

      It cuts the manual chore duties of loading and maneuvering in half and also drying time. Saving time is making money!

      I love the machine and the massive selection of accessories. I’ll definitely remain an Ashbys customer and would recommend Ashbys products to anyone interested to listen.

      Overall this machine is, in all seriousness, one of the best bits of kits I have used in any profession.

      Alan Collins – Spruce Springclean | 28/07/2015

      Since purchasing the Enforcer I have found it an amazing machine. Far superior to another manufacturers machines that I have always used. Everything about it is well thought out, from the loading on the vehicle aspect to the powerful pump and vacuums. I would definitely recommend this to all carpet cleaners, and give it a 5 star rating.

      Philip Pettican – Blackwater Cleaning Service | 21/07/2015

      I would rate the Enforcer an excellent 5 stars, both in overall design, quality of build and cleaning performance.

      I would definitely recommend potential Enforcer customers buy the silencer and the excellent third vacuum. As both of these items really are worth buying in terms of making the Enforcer quieter in use when inside the home, with the third vacuum leaving carpets practically dry after cleaning.

      I would also rate as excellent the V2 SteamMate. This really does provide very hot water at the wand or hand tool when used in conjunction with the Enforcer's in-tank heater.

      In closing Martin and Derek, I am extremely pleased that I chose your Enforcer and its top specification, as advised by yourself.

      My kindest regards to you both.

      Kevin Blanc - IDCS | 18/06/2015
      Just to say I bought the Enforcer last November - wow what a bit of kit. Second to none. Although expensive, it really is a bit of kit - if you can invest in this machine it will bring you great results. I would definitely give the Enforcer a ten out of ten, they have thought of every detail with this one. Hats of to Martin and his father for the design and features.
      Tenancy Clean London - | 02/12/2014
      This is one of the best cleaning machines we have ever used in our work. It is a little bit heavy, but it is worth it. End of tenancy cleaning is very easy task with hardware like this.
      Ben Lugg – Bens Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning | 22/10/2014
      I would happily rate the Ashbys Enforcer as 5 stars. I used a 120 psi twin vac competitors model for a number of years and decided to upgrade to a more powerful machine. I wish I'd done this long before now. I'm extremely happy to have chosen the Enforcer and the service from Ashbys has been very good so far.
      Darren King – Kingys Clean | 30/09/2014

      As I am quite new in the business, I am so glad I chose Ashbys and the Enforcer. Its given me the confidence on top of the training I had at Ashbys, to go out and provide a top notch service. The Enforcer is an awesome bit of kit and our customers comments are always positive.

      What is also great is I had a problem the other day. I felt I could call on Ashbys for advice, which Derek helped me with and it was sorted promptly - being new to the business, this really helped.

      Roy Halsey, Harp Cleaners Ltd | 26/09/2014

      I am pleased to say the Enforcer is the best machine we have had in over forty six years of cleaning, the quality of cleaning is the best we have ever had, I would recommend to any other carpet cleaner.

      Steve Gunn - Gunns Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning| 24/09/2014

      Having been in the business for 14+ years and having owned many portables and truckmounts, I cannot believe the power of the Enforcer. Would recommend the in-built V2 SteamMate. Was a little worried that it wouldn't match my truckmount in terms of performance or heat and it surpassed my expectations. Brilliant service from Ashbys.

      Paul Weston – Carpet Valet | 23/09/2014

      Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the Enforcer I purchased from you.

      It is by far the best machine I have had in 22 years of carpet cleaning. It has far more power which becomes very apparent when using the extension hoses. Also the 400 PSI pump which I initially didn’t think I would use at full pressure, really helps cut through the dirt. The heater also is very efficient and makes the job easier.

      There are a lot of little features like the plug docking sockets, the recess to help over thresholds, the overall build quality - like the sturdy solution tank lid and waste tank lid that are well designed and thought about.

      I know that I will think of several things I have forgotten to mention but if you are looking to buy a new extractor, this would be my recommendation and I don’t usually write reviews - 5 stars out of 5.

      Derrick Hands – Cleaning Doctor | 13/08/2014

      Total 5 star product. Everything about it screams quality. Excellent performance and nice to once again get favourable comments from my clients.

      Tony Barry – Fibreclean Ltd | 12/08/2014

      Being a recent newcomer to the carpet cleaning business I cannot comment on performance against other machines, but when looking to purchase the right machines for the job and after much deliberation I chose the Ashby’s Enforcer and the Sensei. Choosing these machines has in my opinion given my business the correct tools to cover all scenarios, from a large house with 2/3 floors to the smaller jobs such as mattress or upholstery cleaning.

      The performance along with the design of the Enforcer never fails to achieve great results and from a customer’s point of view the Enforcer looks like it means business! I’ve heard other CC’s say that a customer does not care about what a machine looks like, but on the contrary, the tools you buy for your business are as important as all the other aspects of creating the right impression for a business to excel.

      The Enforcer has the performance and the looks of a truly professional machine and a big thank you to all at Ashbys for a 5 Star***** service.

      Michal Kogut – ServiceMaster | 20/05/2014

      It needs to be said, I’m impressed with Enforcer carpet cleaning machine’s performance. It is very powerful equipment with a great extraction system. It can be easily compared to a truckmount unit. You can attach a few lengths of solution and vacuum hose so that you can reach the top floor of a three storey building and it is still performing in an excellent manor.

      Andrew Garman – ServiceMaster (Torbay) | 09/05/2014

      It needs to be said, I’m impressed with Enforcer carpet cleaning machine’s performance. It is very powerful equipment with a great extraction system. It can be easily compared to a truckmount unit. You can attach a few lengths of solution and vacuum hose that can reach the top floor of a three storey building and it is still performing in an excellent manor.

      Kremena Tsvetkova - Private Cleaning Oxfordshire Ltd | 29/04/2014

      The Enforcer and the Rotovac 360i are outstanding pieces of equipment. We did a lot of research with other equipment manfactuers to find the best equipment for us and our needs and we’re really happy with our choice.

      I can't thank Ashbys enough! Great machine, great offer, great service. We had all the support and info we needed to start our new business with confidence. Always happy to help with any questions whenever we needed them.

      The Enforcer is easy to use, very sturdy and really easy to transport. We love the inbuilt heater. Really easy to empty and maintain and most important - the carpets are almost dry!

      Our clients say it all - best results and excellent feedback.

      Andy Mills - Worcester City Cleaners | 29/04/2014
      I've had my Enforcer now just over four months and I can't tell you how pleased I am with it. Compared to the old machine I had previously had, the Enforcer is a world apart. The suction and spray power eats everything up, it's faultless. I'll be purchasing some more hoses so I can leave it outside and work undisturbed. Great machine!
      J Burns – Glasgow | 28/04/2014

      I have been using the Enforcer for about 5 months now and I love it.

      It has been totally reliable in that time and I have grown used to the weight of this powerful machine. I take it up stairs myself no problem, but it is a heavy lift.

      The quality of the design is excellent. You can tell right away that it is a quality product and will last for years. From the little rubber bushes that go between the front casters and the body, to the rigid grip handles that are in all the right places, it shows it has been designed by people who know what they are doing.

      I think it is great value at the price and I am very happy to have bought it.

      Mr Tony Hopkins- Pristine Clean | 11/04/2014

      Enforcer is a great machine with incredible heat. I have the Vac Booster Adaption and have no problems running 100ft of hose. I love the remote control which is great when the machine is in the van and I'm cleaning upholstery. 5 stars Mr Ashby.

      Lukasz Mierzwinski – FAB Carpet Cleaning | 11/04/2014

      Enforcer is the best machine I ever had. Also support from Ashbys is excellent.

      Patrick Daly – PM Daly Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning | 08/04/2014

      We have been using the Enforcer non-stop and it definitely has the wow factor with our customers old and new. For a big machine it’s so easy to move, getting it in and out of the van is a piece of cake. Most carpets are cleaned in one pass thanks to the superb 400 psi pump. Drying time has been cut as well, with powerful twin motors. We did a carpet in a flat with the Enforcer outside, running 200 ft of hose with no loss of power. My customer was very impressed. So overall it’s got to be a 5 star rating for a superbly thought out piece of kit. Thanks Martin for your help.

      Mr Dan Clarke-Smith – Crisp & Clean | 07/04/2014

      5 star rating for the Enforcer. The machine is the best machine I have used in my 15 year career. I cannot find a single fault with it.

      It heats up fast, there is endless suction and the 400 psi makes all the difference. Since using the Enforcer I have seen a huge difference in the results. I recommend the Enforcer and Ashbys staff to everyone.

      Mark Goddard - Sunbrite Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning | 02/04/2014

      Prior to purchasing the Enforcer I spent a considerable amount of time examining all of the other options. I’m pleased to confirm that I made the right decision based on the requirements of my business. The Enforcer is a Five Star machine, it certainly looks the part from a customer’s perspective, and delivers results consistent with their expectations.

      From a user’s standpoint, I’ve got all the power I need, the extra tank capacities gives me the flexibility to tackle larger jobs and the remote soft start technology is a real timesaver. I have no hesitation recommending the Enforcer to anyone looking for a top of the range extraction machine.
      Bob Bellamy – A Cleaner Carpet | 09/01/2014

      I’ve been in business for 52 years, had around 20 different makes of machine and the Enforcers by far the best portable I’ve owned. Has even more benefits than the most powerful truck mounted carpet cleaning machine. It's perfect for the occasions when we can't park outside your premises because we can easily unload it and drive off to park. With its amazing suction, not only has it a really fast drying time but it pulls out all the dirt.

      John Willson – Kent Carpet Cleaning | 06/12/2013

      5 plus Stars for the Enforcer. The machine is excellent - a great looking machine, very powerful. Customers have commented how professional it all looks. Good to have the large waste and solution tanks and works well with the extended hoses. The way it all packs away within the casing is very clever and looks smart.

      Mike Dilley - Carmarthenshire Cleaning | 28/11/2013

      Since having our Enforcer our carpet work has increased hugely. I would like to thank you all for your ease of business and help through the buying process to hand over.

      Our workload I feel has increased due to the fantastic job the machine is doing for us and the great reputation we are building for carpet cleaning. We are now covering all of West Wales and people are willing to wait just to have us do the work for them. Many thanks.

      Mark Campbell - Aastra Clean | 28/11/2013

      An overall rating for the Enforcer is 5 stars. Best portable machine yet. Very well made and powerful. I like the fact it runs off one plug.

      Dave and Sandy Bainbridge - Revive Carpet Careg | 25/11/2013

      We give the Enforcer 5 stars due to the results it produces when cleaning carpets. We travelled over 300 miles to purchase the Enforcer, after doing lots of research throughout the country. It was well worth the time and effort as we are extremely pleased with the performance, and our clients are always delighted with our work. We are looking to purchase a second machine next year due to our ever growing client base.

      Derek and his staff are really helpful and accommodating and nothing is too much trouble.

      Paul Revell – Budget Cleaning | 07/11/2013

      Very pleased with this carpet cleaning machine.

      Mark Gammon - Kleen-a-Carpet | 07/11/2013

      Hi all at Ashbys. Just like to say how happy I am with all my equipment I've purchased, from my Enforcer, Portable V2 SteamMate & my Metal Power Brush - all great bits of kit. Happy chappy. Great staff and help always at hand. Many thanks.

      Tony Ballard | 31/10/2013

      My investment in the Enforcer was definitely the correct choice. A superb portable machine that I am proud to use, promote and secures business. It performs very well at 400 psi and the double vacuum motors do a great job extracting the water. One of the key benefits is that it has a huge tank which avoids the need to fill up regularly. I also like the fact that it can neatly slide into my van without the back breaking lifts of other portables... that alone makes it a good buy. Overall a superb piece of equipment that I will recommend to anyone.

      Mr Weiss Tahmas - Fentons Carpet Care | 05/09/2013

      Would just like to say having used my Enforcer for the first time at the weekend, wow what a great machine, and having put a lot into practice what I learnt on the two day course, a big thumbs up for machine and for the course. A big thank you to Derek and Martin for the time and effort they put in. Nothing was too much trouble for them. Thanks again.

      Mr Filip Mijatov - | 23/08/2013

      The Enforcer is very powerful and real value for money. We work with a 400 psi version. The machine looks very professional and has got the ‘wow’ factor with clients.

      We use a machine from another manufacturer and many times this machine cannot do as good a job, so we have to re-clean with Enforcer.

      Machine is heavy and need two people to carry on first floor, but it is worth it.

      Mr Keith Grosser - Cheshunt Group | 09/08/2013

      Our original purchase of the Ninja model gave us years of good service and the Enforcer which was purchased some months ago has been equally as good, and as such we are considering the purchase of a second machine to replace one of our cheaper machines which cannot handle the workload required for commercial cleaning.

      Jay Patel (Dappers Carpet Care) | 07/08/2013

      I would like to congratulate you guys on the Enforcer. It’s definitely 5 star machine. I own an Ashbys Ninja machine with Solvent Cleaning capability as well and my guys use it regularly for rug and upholstery cleaning, but prefer to use the Enforcer as its handling and maneuverability are a definite plus point.

      Craig Bartholomew (Bartholomew Cleaning) | 20/06/2013

      Simply makes life a lot easier with the efficiency and extreme power the machine produces. The transition from the Ninja to Enforcer was very smooth and the extra capacity pays dividends when tackling the larger jobs. It really is a truck mount in disguise. I was originally going to replace my old Ninja with a new Ninja, so glad I didn't!

      Paul Dunkley (Aura Carpet Cleaning, Bristol)  | 13/05/2013

      At Aura Carpet Cleaning in Bristol we use the Ashbys Enforcer with amazing results. The fact that you can leave it outside is one of the best things about it - you won’t have ever have to bring your machine into the customers house. This is a major factor, because I feel it’s not intrusive, never gets in the way and prevents stains and spills.

      You can easily empty the Enforcer outside by wheeling it to nearest drain. This makes the Enforcer so much more convenient than other portables. The machine also looks the part. With the Enforcers sleek black colour and design it looks like the BMW or Mercedes of carpet cleaning machines. Definitely the best looking portable around - that's a fact.

      It’s easy to manoeuvre. It takes two people to pull it up a flight of stairs, but provides easier access than any truck-mount would ever give. Considering most of my jobs are either hard to access due to parking or in flats, the Enforcer can do all of these.

      One person can move it about easily, but I would get 100 foot of hose if on your own. The Enforcers easy to put in the van, with a convenient handle positioned at the bottom.

      I get great results with the Enforcer - check my website for genuine before and after photos. I always get great comments from my customers, either about the look of the Enforcer, all the way through to the end result. The Enforcers in-tank immersion heater is adjustable and limited to 60 degrees C heat, which is standard on most portables - but so far has dealt with every job we have thrown at it (including dreaded party houses!).

      I've had the Enforcer for over a year and the only problem I've had was one wheel cap came off, but we still took it up 3 flights of stairs with no problems. After ringing Ashbys, we had one sent by the next day and we easily knocked it back on. Apart from that minor thing, we have had no problems what so ever with our Enforcer and I am glad we purchased it. Other machines are not up to the job of the Enforcer in the slightest. If you’re going for a carpet cleaning machine, I would definitely recommend the Ashbys Enforcer.

      James Barker (A-Z Cleaning Services) | 14/03/2013

      I am very impressed with the Enforcer. There’s a lot of thought gone into making this machine. It has great power and heat which helps to shift dirt quickly from carpets. It’s also easy to lift in the van and to move around wherever you’re working.

      All I can say is, I’ve had 3 machines previous to this machine and found the Enforcer in my opinion, the best so far. I give it a 5 star rating.

      Lewis Timberlake (J Clean Ltd) | 18/02/2013

      Hi Martin - I would like to thank you and Derek for all your help, helping me choose the right machine. We carried out our first carpet cleaning works order with the new machine on Friday and the results were astonishing, I've attached a before and after photo which clearly shows the successful outcome. We found the Enforcer very easy to maneuver off the vehicle onto site and very easy to use. The carpets were heavily stained and soiled but the machine had the power to blast away all dirt and grease, we were also very impressed by how quick the carpets were dry! It’s a great machine and I will recommend it to anyone.

      Russ Chadd (Prosteam UK) | 15/02/2013

      I made the decision to sell the truck mount due to weight, space and running costs and purchase a portable... however I wasn't prepared to compromise with performance!

      After weeks of research I managed to narrow down my search to just one machine.

      The Enforcer is a very rugged and well designed machine. I like the attention to detail such as the recessed controls and hose connector, the auto fill is connected to the lid of the clean water tank and allows any drips to simply drain back into the tank, not the customers floor.

      The 1.5” auto dump hose connects to the waste gate valve, a flick of the remote control will switch the motors off and the tank will empty in a matter of seconds, the waste tank is designed in such a way that all water is ejected along with any carpet debris.

      A really nice and well thought out feature is the delayed motor start up, when the main power is switched on, vacuum 1 will start and about 5 seconds later vacuum 2 follows, no more tripping the customers power!

      Ashby’s have developed a true thoroughbred here and in my opinion, it is streets ahead in terms of features, quality and performance.

      Peter Whiddon (Acorn Carpets)  | 29/01/2013

      After months of extensive research trying to find a new machine that could meet all of our needs, choosing the Enforcer was by far the best choice. This well built, durable machine has everything you could possibly ask for and more!

      We purchased a top spec version of the Enforcer complete with Auto fill, Auto drain and Chemical metering - a must have for those bigger jobs. Following Derek’s knowledge and advice we opted for the twin 5.7 vacs 1x standard and 1x heavy duty super vac in order to obtain the most powerful vacuum. We were kindly demonstrated the different set ups before purchasing in order to satisfy our needs.

      This machine is extremely well made and has a very durable finish, incorporating features such as easy loading wheels and rollers, perfect for loading into the van on your own. Twin plugs on the machine makes it very versatile in residential properties, once your water is up to temperature you can operate the machine using a single 13 amp plug.

      Other extras purchased included:

      • Vac Booster Adaption - a must have when running long lengths of hose.
      • Portable V2 SteamMate - incredible piece of kit that will keep up with you even on the most soiled carpets.
      • V2 Fully sleeved high pressure solution hoses - perfect for keeping temperature from escaping.
      • Remote Control - a must have feature saving unnecessary time walking back and forth to the machine.

      Along with excellent knowledge and equipment Ashbys offer great after sales care and usually have next day delivery on parts and chemicals ordered.

      Overall an excellent machine 5 Star rating.

      Graeme Hicks (Hicks Carpet Cleaning) | 21/01/2013

      You can’t help but be extremely impressed with the Ashby Enforcer. Its ability to clean carpets and upholstery is nothing short of outstanding. I believe the build quality and design, in every aspect knocks the spots off any other carpet cleaning machines available on today’s market.

      This impressive piece of equipment can be easily loaded and unloaded, singlehandedly into a van using an ingenious pivot and roller system. The water tank stores an ample reserve of water / cleaning fluid and the waste tank has a very good capacity. I have found the auto-fill and auto-waste disposal adaptors very useful indeed. It is amazing how much time these simple but effective extras can save, which eventually means more profit!

      Power cords can be wrapped around handles which double up as loading rollers and the plugs plugged into convenient dummy sockets. No more knotted and twisted cables with this machine I am pleased to say! All delicate parts of the appliance, such as the water pressure valve, waste-water dump valve and the control panel are recessed for their protection. The designers really have thought of everything with this machine. This really is the appliance of science, as Zanussi used to say!

      I find the remote control very useful addition as it saves a lot of time and energy and as far as I am concerned it really is a must.

      Another great advantage the Enforcer has on its rivals, is that it can be operated using only one 13amp socket. I don’t have to tell you how useful this can be on occasions.

      In conclusion I would have no hesitation recommending the Enforcer - it simply is the very best carpet cleaning machine available. It has been a real pleasure dealing with Ashbys, a family owned company, who clearly put customer satisfaction first in everything they do.

      Kate Dodge (KJB Carpet Cleaning) | 17/01/2012

      Enforcer is an awesome machine. It functions to a high standard, very reliable and achieves great results when using different cleaning products.

      James (Division Clean) | 07/12/2012

      I’ve been in the carpet cleaning business for 10 years - and the Enforcer is the one to have. It’s reliable and powerful when needed. The 400 psi pump, twin vacs and heater makes for easy cleaning. Its design makes it look professional outside a customer’s house and it’s very easy to load in and out of the van. I would definitely recommend buying one!

      Mr David Martin (Home Dry UK) | 21/11/2012

      When I started my own business I was unsure which carpet cleaning machine to buy. After talking to many people who own machines made by other manufacturers, I decided to ring Ashbys to see what they could do.

      Firstly they were not pushy and went out there way to help me decide on the right machine for me. Once I decided on the Enforcer the help did not stop there. The hand over was brilliant and really helped me understand the machine. The Enforcer is nothing less than awesome!!! It looks the part and is so easy to use and move around. I have produced some wonderful results using the Enforcer of which repeat business is already starting to come through. Once you have used this machine you will never look back.

      I would highly recommend Ashbys as a company and the Enforcer as a machine.

      Alan Smee (Smart Clean) | 11/11/2012

      Having used the Diamondback for over seven years I was a bit apprehensive about change, but need not have been as this machine is even BETTER than the Diamondback. All my regular customers have been impressed with the results of this machine and they are even saying that it is doing a great job of both carpets and upholstery. Since collecting it in August it has been running nearly every day from eight to five and paid for itself in the first three weeks. It has been well thought out and I hope it will reliable only time will tell. Worth getting the silencer as customers appreciate not having a noise outside there house.

      Jason Hall (Jason Hall Window Cleaning) | 09/11/2012

      I run my own business in my local area cleaning for domestic customers at this moment in time. As soon as I unload the Enforcer from my van my customer is wowed by the looks and presence of this machine. That's before I even start the cleaning process. Everything from filling to emptying has been made easier for me from my previous machine even loading and unloading from the van. This speeds the whole process up and enhances the quality of work you can achieve.

      I wouldn't be without this machine now and I certainly wouldn't want a lesser machine for any of my jobs.

      Ken Ellison (Eco Cleaning Services) | 09/11/2012

      Hi Martin, Ken from Eco Cleaning Services here. Sorry for a late email but business is hectic at the moment. I just wanted to give you some feed back of my 400 psi Enforcer.

      So where to start... first impressions was its big and thought this is going be clumsy, but on setting up and using it I found its fantastic. Maneuverability is great, even in tight spaces. Controls are very easy to use, hand tool and wand are very good quality and well made. As for performance, well I cannot fault it in anyway. The results my customers are getting is second to none.

      I would gladly say I'm confident that this machine has got my company at the top of its game up here in the North East and have customers who have used other companies for years and now have turned to me. If you would like some pictures I have taken to use on your website, I will gladly forward them to you.

      So once again thank you for a great machine, faultless customer support and I'm sure I'll be doing more business with you in the future.

      Stuart Bundock (Fryer Group) | 04/09/2012

      We purchased the enforcer just over a year ago for use on commercial work only. The performance is excellent and it has the power that we need to produce great results. When we use the machine we have it running the whole day and have not had any problems.

      The only downside is the weight of the machine but this is down to the components inside, but the positive thing is that we run 3 lengths of pipe from the machine so do not have to move it much once we get started. It also has a large water tank, the heater works very well, so you do not need to fill up as much as the small portable machines. We also run a rotavac from the machine when doing hard floor work and it produces excellent results.

      Nick Meakin (Kleencare) | 27/07/2012

      I purchased the Enforcer as a replacement for my truck-mount. Although it has wheels, I keep it mounted and tied down securely in the van. I wouldn't consider it portable in the same way the Ninja is. The performance is excellent and it has the power to more than cope with anything thrown at it so far! It's quicker set up and start cleaning than with than a truck-mount too. I also like the fact I'm using customers electricity, so saving £15 per week on petrol. More profit.

      I'm so glad I went for the extras - the auto fill and drain saves so much time and effort. The remote control saves so much time too, not having to run up and down stairs all the time to change tools! As I expect most of these machines will stay on the van, it would have been a good idea to put switches nearer the front where they would be a lot more accessible. It's a great selling point when making bookings to differentiate you from your competition by saying 'I don't use one of those little portable machines like my competitors’. You can then charge premium prices!

      Paul Stuart | 25/06/2012
      First impression of the Enforcer when we first set eyes on it in Ashbys showroom was WOW! This portable hot water extraction machine looks superior to anything else currently available. It looked sturdy and had some unique features that set it apart from mainstream portables. But would it do the job?

      The Enforcer really is big-and-beefy. The Enforcer is the 'big boy' of portable carpet cleaning machines with 'near truck mount performance' and comes in array of specifications from which any professional carpet cleaner can select to suit his, or her, cleaning business. Steam Clean Carpet SCC researched many portable carpet cleaning machine suppliers before opting for the Enforcer 400 PSI V2 version with heavy duty 3 stage dual In-series vacuum system. Also included was Ashbys built-in V2 SteamMate for extra cleaning power at temperatures up to 110°C and a built-in tank heater for temperatures up to 60°C for less demanding cleaning jobs. As part of the package we opted to include Ashbys Metal Power Brush which we are still evaluating.

      Conclusion of testing, carried out over a six month period -
      • Performance  - We were not disappointed at all with performance of the Enforcer, with the added advantage of Ashbys built-in V2 SteamMate cleaning the most heavily soiled carpet was a breeze. Restaurant carpets that were so soiled that one could not even see the pattern through the build-up of grease were cleaned relatively easily with assistance of the Ashby Metal Power Brush. Less contaminated areas cleaned easily with the use of the wand. Throughout testing, Liquid Formula 90 (diluted in accordance with the instructions) cleaning solution was used which achieved excellent results.
      • Useability - Due to the Enforcer's internal components, the version we tested was heavy. Its weight is not detrimental in any way; a cleaning machine of this quality build is expected to be quite heavy and robust. The Enforcer's weight has been taken into consideration during its design stage and the use of built-in rollers on the rear of the machine helps the operative to load it quite easily into any van or suitably sized estate car. This is not a portable cleaning machine one would expect to be able to lift up stairs; therefore it is not suitable for that purpose. However, this is not a problem because a lot of thought has gone into its overall design - the Enforcer can be stood outside and hoses suitably coupled and run into the premises to be cleaned. Also, rain will not affect it due to the way body part components have been designed so water will run off and not into any electrics etc.

      Conclusion - We at Steam Clean Carpet SCC conclude the Enforcer is no mean contender among portable carpet cleaning extraction machines. It certainly lives up to its name, does its job well and exudes quality. Design quality is excellent. We can see the Enforcer's design is a culmination of many years cleaning experience and an understanding of the requirements of professional cleaning operatives. Turning up on site with this cleaning machine will, without a doubt, impress the client - it's highly recommended.

      Daniel Okines | 26/03/2012
      Best machine yet - can't fault it.
      Mark Clarke | 15/03/2012
      I've had this Enforcer for six months now and I think it is great. It does exactly what Ashbys say. It has good suction and water flow even with use of three hoses. Its water heater works well although the machine is heavy, it is easy to load on to the van which is the only time I need to lift it. I would recommend this machine over a truck mount due to cost and simplicity of use.