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      Enforcer carpet, upholstery & hard floor cleaning machine

      Introducing the most versatile and advanced carpet, upholstery, rug & curtain cleaning machine Ashbys have ever created.

      Built to your specification without compromise in the UK. Designed for the professional cleaner who requires only the very best. The Enforcer is packed with overwhelming features that an experienced operator will truly appreciate.

      Some portables require 2 power leads just to run their vacuum and pump system. This means if you haven’t got access to 2 plug sockets, you can’t use your machine. The 135, 400 and 600 psi versions of the Enforcer are wired to run the vacuum and pump system from one power lead and any chosen heater system from a second (unless otherwise stated) – allowing you to use your machine when you only have access to one plug socket (for example - common part areas etc).

      Fully guttered body construction protects against water damage to electronics. The Enforcer is shower-proof - just lock the front castors, extend your hoses inside and leave the Enforcer outside.

      In-series vacuum motors - for highest vacuum strength

      A vacuum motor contains a set of fans mounted within the vacuum motor itself, pulling air to create vacuum uplift. These fans are known as ‘stages’. The more stages a vacuum motor contains, the more power is generated.

      Get the driest possible results

      We concentrate power into our vacuum systems by mounting our double vacuum motors 'in-series' - this means the second vacuum motor pulls through the first, dramatically increasing the vacuum power. This doesn't happen with 'in-parallel' vacuum systems. Our in-series vacuum systems allow longer hose runs with minimal loss of suction.

      Clean fast, thoroughly and without moving your machine

      We use this increased vacuum power to pull air through the material or fibres being cleaned. In-parallel vacuum systems rely on high airflow, however without the power to pull air long distances through multiple hose sets, narrow vacuum slots on cleaning tools and then the fabric of item being cleaned, there can be no fast air movement which is needed to remove soilage and cleaning solution. We believe our in-series vacuum system gives you more vacuum power.

      The Enforcers unique combination of high performance pumps, in-series vacuum motors and built-in heating systems allow you to move the wand up to 4 times faster - just as quickly as if you were using a truck-mount. Additional dry wand passes are not necessary. Remember - the more powerful your vacuum, the more fast and effective the clean.

      Connect your 2 inch / 51 mm vacuum hose by pushing cuff directly over Enforcers 2 inch / 51 mm vacuum spigot.

      Connect your 1-1/2 inch / 38 mm vacuum hose by pushing cuff directly into the Enforcers 2 inch / 51 mm vacuum spigot.

      Connects to either a 1-1/2 or 2 inch hose cuff

      No need for an interconnector. 1-1/2 inch vacuum hose pushes directly into the vacuum spigot on the recovery tank and 2 inch will push over it. Simple.

      Pump Options from 250 up to 800 psi

      with optional remote control, allowing you to change tools fast, without the need to return to the machine to switch off the pump. Most systems incorporate both a quick adjust Flow Control Valve and a Pressure Regulator Valve, for total control of water spray pressure and flow-rate.

      Ashbys unique Flow Control Valve - even quicker drying times on upholstery

      Our Flow Control Valve gives you drier results when cleaning upholstery. To understand how, you will need to know why it differs from the Pressure Regulator Valve.

      Pressure Regulator Valve

      The solution pump in an extraction carpet cleaning machine, sprays cleaning solution at high pressure into the item being cleaned. Pressure Regulator Valves are standard throughout the industry and allow the operator to reduce the pumps working pressure (PSI), whilst maintaining maximum flow-rate. This is ideal when using a low pressure-rated wand or hand tool for cleaning carpeted areas. However, we recommend using the Ashbys unique Flow Control Valve to reduce the flow-rate and working pressure, when cleaning upholstery or mattresses with a hand / upholstery tool.

      Flow Control Valve 

      When compared to the Pressure Regulator Valve, reducing your pump pressure to 135 psi using the Flow Control Valve puts out less cleaning solution, so you can work drier than ever before. Our Flow Control Valve quickly reduces your working pressure (PSI) AND lowers the litres per minute volume (L/min). Use the Flow Control Valve to reduce the risk of over-wetting and achieve the fastest drying times when cleaning upholstery or mattresses. The combination of our Flow Control and Pressure Regulator Valve gives you an unparalleled level of control.

      When switching between cleaning tools, the Flow Control Valve allows the operator to instantly depressurise the solution hose. Simply turn off the pump and open the Flow Control Valve to release any backpressure. You can now change to your chosen tool safely, quickly and easily.

      The ultimate set-up. Auto-fill keeps your solution tank topped up with water at the temperature pre-set on your heater thermostat. The gravity auto-drain adds no weight to the build, connecting directly to the recovery tank dump valve and will activate when the Enforcer is switched off. If you don’t require auto-drain or fill on a certain job, don’t attach the fill or drain hoses – just use as normal.

      The remote control on / off means you can remotely switch off both vacuum motors and the water pump on,

      your Enforcer allowing you to change tools (ie – from a carpet wand to a stair or upholstery tool and back again) and allows the gravity auto-drain to empty your recovery tank.

      When you turn it back on, soft-start technology switches your two vacuum motors on individually with a time-delay, to avoid a power-surge. Your heating system can be switched on or off at the touch of a button. Total control remotely with up to a 30 metre omnidirectional range.

      Leave the shower-proof Enforcer outside, connect to a standpipe, attach gravity auto-drain hose and switch on your heater. Imagine the time-saving on every job, never having to fill, empty or return to your Enforcer!

      Double vacuum motor options

      The Enforcers twin vacuum system is ‘in-series’ not ‘in-parallel’. This is very important as an in-series arrangement provides more vacuum strength which is essential for extracting more dirt and faster drying times. We have various configurations of vacuum motors from manufacturers including Lamb Ametek. All are fan-cooled and fitted with an air-seal to help protect against water ingress. Our strongest vacuum system allows the Enforcer to operate up to 200 ft / 61 metres of vacuum hose, clean faster and get the lowest drying times possible. Read the Enforcers reviews or come and experience it for yourself at our Sittingbourne premises.

      Optional direct solution pump feed

      Connect your Enforcer to any external water tank without the need for an additional water supply pump. 

      Two powerful 3 kW heater options

      Total heat flexibility and control. Both are protected by a low-level safety cut off and heat-regulated via adjustable thermostat’s. The V2 SteamMate inline heat exchanger heater option provides instant heat up to an incredible 110 Deg C. The 3 Kw immersion-style heater / pre-heater system gives you heat up to 70 Deg C. Heat performance from the Enforcer is better than any other.

      From the connectors, control knobs, top-mounted easy-access switch panel, cooling fan, pressure gauge and with the push-on / pull-off angled spout removed, even the dump valve for emptying waste water - everything is recessed and protected. The Enforcer is designed to be tough and durable.

      Large non-marking 10 inch rear wheels

      for easy manoeuvrability.

      4 inch quick-locking front castors

      Quick and easy to secure when working on a slope.

      Scuff-resistant finish plus ultra-tough body casing & construction

      Designed and built by Ashbys Cleaning Equipment in the UK - from drawing-board to final production, with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

      Two electrical lead cable-wraps with plug docking sockets

      Protects your electrical lead and plug from damage during loading, unloading and during transit.

      via integral top-mounted wheels, dual mid-section dual roller bars and two front-mounted grab handles – much easier and safer than attempting to lift using front castors. Simply back the unit up to your vehicle, tilt backwards and roll in!

      Some machines trap heat generated inside the electronic compartment to try to warm up their cleaning solution.

      Unfortunately to achieve maximum life and efficiency from all electronic components it is essential to keep them cool and dry – especially vacuum motors. The Enforcer is not only fully guttered to protect against water ingress, but is well vented and fan-cooled to keep all electronic components at their lowest working temperature, meaning they last longer.

      Vacuum motor system protected via 2 inch diameter High Level Safety Cut-Off

      plus Ashbys own unique air baffle system to deflect recovered water entering the vacuum system. Maximum protection for your vacuum motors.

      Unrivalled build quality

      and this really is the difference - from the body designed and constructed by Ashbys for the lowest possible noise level, through to every electronic component. Quality every experienced carpet cleaner will appreciate. At last a machine built without compromise.

      Hinged body

      Fast and easy access to electrical components during servicing.

      Optional Silencer

      for when you can't vent outside. Genuine whisper-quiet operation. More information here.

      Optional Exhaust Hose Silencer

      Quietens to the same level as the Silencer without affecting performance. Vent outside the working environment to maintain good indoor air-quality. More information here.

      Optional inline injection carpet cleaning pre-sprayer

      Optional Inline Injection Pre-sprayer complete Disconnect your cleaning tool and connect your pre-sprayer for easy, fast and highly effective heated pre-spraying, direct from your Enforcer.

      No cross-contamination - dilutes pre-spray direct from pre-spray bottle. Find out more about the Hydro-Force Revolution Injection Inline Sprayer.

      Optional pump-driven auto-drain

      Pumps out recovery tank whilst working, for continuous operation.