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      Mr David De Waal - Tidal Cleans | 24/08/2017

      We have found the Ashbys Sensei to be the perfect carpet cleaning machine for our needs. We specialise in end of tenancy cleaning, so the machine is ideal for cleaning carpets from one bed flats to larger houses. The Sensei is light and portable enough for small jobs, but also powerful enough to remove stubborn stains or clean larger areas. Would recommend.

      Mr Chris Murray - Carpet Health | 03/01/2017

      Ashbys Sensei machine is robust and first class, as is the after sales service that I have received from Martin and his father.

      I would recommend the Sensei and Ashbys to anyone thinking of starting a carpet cleaning business.

      Mr Dan Salmon - Showcase Carpet Cleaning | 12/10/2016

      Ashbys Sensei is such a great carpet cleaning machine - my business couldn't run without it. With the option to add a flow-rate control valve and compact enough for one person to carry upstairs, the Sensei is the machine I started my business with. Mine’s a 135 psi pump, but you can select a 220 psi pump for greater pressure, giving the bigger machines a run for their money.

      The Sensei is easy to maintain but the best feature for me, is that you only need 1 socket to run the heater, pump and vacuum motor! The Sensei’s compact design means it fits into the boot of most hatchbacks, giving you the option of NOT having to invest in a van straight away.

      Ashbys friendly, knowledgeable staff are experts in helping you select the correct cleaning solutions which is vital when working on someone's home furnishings! And if you’re wondering whether the Sensei is the right machine for you, the customer’s reviews on my Facebook page speak for themselves - please take a look.

      Showcase Carpet Cleaning Gravesend Kent

      Showcase Carpet Cleaning in Dartford Kent

      Showcase Carpet Cleaning in Medway
      All the above pictures were kindly provided by Dan Salmon - Showcase Carpet Cleaning

      Mr Stephen Hicks - Eccleshall | 01/10/2016

      I have a Sensei. Love it, just as powerful as the Ninja.

      Mr Michael Power - Plymouth, Devon | 01/06/2016

      Best carpet machine I have had. Looks professional and cleans perfectly. This Sensei is 5 star.

      Mr Peter Lee - Peter Lee Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning | 21/03/2016

      Hi Martin, the Sensei is excellent. I bought it for the smaller jobs where the full power of my Ashbys Ninja is not required, e.g. smaller rooms, upholstery etc, also for flats and larger houses where the machine has to be taken upstairs. The Ninja is very good, but also heavy!

      The Sensei does its job very well, runs two hoses with no problem and is very easy to load and unload. Where could it be improved? Well, it does need a lot of water to cover the heating element, a little wasteful if you have only one piece of furniture to do. But it does have a heater, some other machines don't... And I think a heater is essential. Many thanks.

      Nataliya Zhydkikh - Myhome Residential Cleaning | 10/03/2015

      I am very happy with my Sensei. So far I have had only carpet clean orders so had no chance to use it on upholstery. But I can confirm it does a great job on carpets. The heater is of enormous help as sometimes we clean properties with no hot water.

      It is very powerful as well, so most of the moisture can be extracted which allows the carpet to dry quickly. We even had a complaint about this - a customer let the cleaner in in the morning and left for work. When they came back in the afternoon/evening they found the carpets "just slightly damp", so called me to say they were not cleaned properly because if that was the case "surely they would still be wet".

      Couple of times my cleaners even took pictures of both the dirty and the cleaned parts of the carpet, to show customers what a difference it made. I would definitely give the machine 5 stars.

      Claire Smith - TC Ultra Cleaning Services | 17/09/2014

      Out of 5 I would say 10 star! We are very very happy. It’s ideal. We have had plenty of work with the Sensei. We may look to buy another machine, a larger one. Ashbys customer service and helpfulness is fantastic when we have had a question. Thanks again.

      Barry Trueman (Barry Trueman Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning) | 01/08/2014

      This is my second Sensei machine, which shows that it meets my carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.

      The reason that I opted for a Sensei is primarily the physical size of the machine. Most of my cleaning is in domestic situations where I have to work in small spaces and upstairs, often in three or four storey buildings. The Sensei is of a manageable size for one person to move it around such buildings.

      Whilst larger machines can be left on the ground floor and upper floors reached by connecting multiple hoses, inevitably the situation would arise where there wasn’t quite enough hose to reach. With the Sensei I have always been able to access all parts of a building, attic rooms etc, simply by moving the machine and just using single hoses.

      This is a compromise as very occasionally in commercial situations it would be good to have a larger cleaning solution and waste water capacity, hence the rating of 4 stars and not 5.

      I would definitely recommend the Sensei to anyone whose work is predominantly domestic.

      Sam Oyabayo (Abbey Carpet Cleaning) | 15/11/2013
      All in all the Sensei can easily go inside any vehicle, works endlessly and reliable. Can work with other accessories if necessary.
      Graeme Hicks - | 06/11/2013

      About 12 months ago I purchased an Ashby’s Enforcer which I still believe to be the Rolls Royce and ultimate carpet cleaning machine. It has, and continues to serve my business and my customers extremely well. The results I get are outstanding and I remain well impressed with this brute of a machine.

      However, there are circumstances where a smaller machine is much more suitable, for example when cleaning blocks of flats. There are also occasions when you just don’t need to lug out a big machine, such as removing individual stains etc, hence my reason for purchasing an Ashby’s Sensei.

      This is an incredible bit of kit and has improved my profit margins, especially so on those smaller and less assessable jobs. The set up time of this machine is much less, and it gets to places much easier, saving precious time where, bigger machines just cannot reach without metres and metres of cumbersome hose.

      As usual Ashby’s have invested a great deal of time and thought into the Sensei’s design. They have incorporated a powerful vacuum motor, more than able to retrieve any stubborn muck and grime from the carpet fibres. This machine is relatively small but the designers have not compromised on the size of the detergent and retrieval tank, which are of sufficient size to do the job. This machine may be small, but make no mistake it certainly packs a powerful punch.

      I now use my Sensei frequently and I find it an excellent addition to my Enforcer, they basically complement each other. Do not underestimate the capability of this well designed machine it does an excellent job cleaning carpets. I now use nothing but my Sensei to clean inaccessible carpets, sofas and mattresses.

      All in all, this is a great little machine, well designed for the job, maneuverable and light enough for a single person to carry up and down stairs.

      Alex Boucher (House Build Cleaning Manager) | 26/04/2013

      The overall service I received from yourselves was 5 star from the very start. You were extremely helpful when I was just enquiring about machines and pointing me in the right direction. As far as the Ashby Sensei is concerned, I feel 5 stars don’t quite do it justice, as my teams have used numerous machines and they say nothing is or has been even near the quality of the Sensei.

      I am extremely impressed with the fact that although the machine is smaller than some of the others, it doesn’t compromise on power or quality. The Sensei fits easily into our Fiesta vans (that was one of the main factors in having to get a smaller machine), but as I said previously – it’s half the size not half the machine or quality.

      I am a manager for a cleaning company and would recommend this machine to anyone in the market for a new carpet cleaning machine.

      Mr Phillip Parker (Park House Nursing Home) | 07/01/2013
      Fantastic machine. 5 Stars. Very easy to use and light considering such a heavy duty cleaner/washer. Thank you Ashbys.
      Billy Cooke (Edge Equipment Hire Ltd) | 07/01/2013
      Undoubtedly we would give the Sensei 5 stars as it meet our requirements completely in terms of performance, durability and reliability.
      Richard Morgan (Allgreen Cleaning Services) | 18/07/2012
      I had previously owned the 400 psi Ninja and did wonder how the Sensei would compare. However, its performance is excellent and used with the accessories I purchased it has produced some great results. It's hard to imagine that this machine is 135 psi, I did 2 rooms and landing on one fill up!
      Jon Chrimes (Crystal Clean Ipswich) | 07/04/2012
      Truly a mighty mini. Copes with non-stop work six days a week year in year out. We could not operate without our trusty Sensei particularly in light of the number of apartments and flats that we service, all those stairs! Most important is the positive reaction from customers, commercial and domestic, to the great results it produces.
      Simon Belchamber (Polished Performance) | 17/04/2012
      They may call it a starter package, but I am still using the same machine and equipment 6 years later. Great value package. The Sensei is powerful enough to tackle all cleaning jobs I have encountered and easy to manoeuvre into flats and offices which are above ground floor level.
      Niall Power (Myhome Residential Cleaning) | 04/04/2012
      We have replaced all our outdated carpet cleaning machines with the Sensei and have been delighted with every aspect of the machine - it is lightweight, has a robust design, large tank and does an exceptional job when used properly. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Sensei.
      Keith Smith (Blindingly Clean) | 20/03/2012
      I love my Sensei. It fits in my car, is easy to use and does a really good job. I did a carpet clean last week and the customer was so pleased that he has recommended me on LinkedIn. He owns a home cleaning company and wants to use my services for his customers. The Sensei is the perfect machine for me. Thanks to Ashbys for this little beauty.
      Stuart Bundock (Fryer Group) | 27/02/2012
      The Sensei is a great portable machine which I have found to be a very handy tool. The machine is easy and very quick to set-up with the added bonus of only requiring one power socket. The water also heats up fast. All in all I would recommend this machine..