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      Heat is important when cleaning carpets - find out why here. Three different heating systems creating four combinations.


      Steam-boosted carpet cleaning with Ashbys 400 psi Ninja, fitted with an Built-in V2 SteamMate.

      For top performance choose a Dual Heating System

      First select our built-in 3 Kw immersion heater with Low Level Safety Cut-Off PC2007 then combine with one of our two V2 SteamMate options.

      Portable V2 SteamMate

      Powerful performance wherever you need it.

      • Powerful in-line 3 Kw heat exchanger capable of adjustable temperatures up to 110°C for steam-boosted carpet cleaning, supplied as a separate unit.
      • Cut through heavy soilage fast. Gives improved cleaning performance and the power to remove chewing gum, blu-tack and wax from carpets.
      • Can be connected to various models of machine – please specify machine make and model at time of ordering.

      PC6364 for pump pressures up to 400 psi
      PC5097 for pump pressures up to 200 psi

      Built-in V2 SteamMate

      Same great features as Portable V2 SteamMate PC5097 but instead of being a separate piece of equipment, it’s built inside the Ninja.

      Upgrade PC2017 suitable for all pump pressures.

      Built-in 3 Kw immersion heater with Low Level Safety cut-off

      3 Kw heating element mounted inside the solution tank with adjustable temperature up to 70ºC and protected via a low water level safety cut-off.

      Upgrade PC2007