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      Guy Parsons - The Carpet Cleaning Guy | 28/07/2016

      I attended the Stage 2 Technical Training, hosted by Derek Ashby. I found the content to be interesting and insightful which gave me ideas on how to increase the services I offer. Derek also welcomed questions and gave thorough answers, which was great.

      I would definitely recommend this course to anyone either new to carpet cleaning, or to someone looking to refresh their knowledge.

      Sean - 1st Call Clean Bright | 13/12/2015

      As a novice to the carpet cleaning industry I decided to undertake training through Ashbys. I'm very pleased that I have, as I felt that the courses gave me a brilliant introduction to my new business venture.

      Ashbys is a family run company and it was a real pleasure to meet Derek and Martin, who are both friendly and knowledgeable. The 2 one day courses I found to be practical, informative, easy to understand and overall enjoyable. Furthermore, all course attendees are taken out to a very nice lunch, which gives you the opportunity to chat informally with Derek and Martin.

      I very much look forward to showing off my Enforcer machine to my new customers. 5 stars for the Stage 1 and 2 training courses and many thanks to Derek and Martin.

      Chris Hendy - Hendy Clean | 11/11/2015

      The training course was beneficial. I possibly should have attended the beginners Stage 1 course as well as the advanced Stage 2 course because I felt I had missed-out on some tips. I am only really interested in the carpet cleaning side of the course, opposed to hard floor cleaning.

      However, if our business goes into this at any stage, I will know where to come and can appreciate that there is money to be made in hard floor renovating.

      The course was interesting and Derek is a very good host/teacher. 

      Thank you Ashbys and no doubt I’ll be in touch soon.

      Gary Bashford - Oakhurst Carpet Cleaning | 11/11/2015

      Thank you for providing a very informative and interesting stage 1 & 2 training course. It was great to learn new techniques and about your range of products available for cleaning various fibres, along with finding out about more specialist cleaning approaches for certain materials.

      The included lunches were very enjoyable, it was great to have an informal chat with everyone and share ideas and experiences.

      I would give this training courses 5 out of 5 and recommend it to anyone wanting to enter the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry, or those wanting to improve their skill set to cover a wider range of cleaning techniques.

      In all a very friendly, relaxed atmosphere, Derek is obviously very experienced in the industry and willing to share his wealth of knowledge throughout the course. 

      I was glad to be able to see the machines in action, and so impressed by the quality I ended up buying a new set-up at a great price.

      Thanks again.

      Mat and Dan - KDC Cleaning | 25/11/2014

      We really enjoyed the course, it was put together really well very informative and enjoyable. I've come away knowing a wealth of information which will help us every day. Would recommend to anyone.

      Sam Hunt - Suffolk Cleaning Specialists | 18/08/2014

      Sam (of Suffolk!) here - from the course on Tues and Weds. Just a very quick one to say thanks again. Joseph and I found the course invaluable. It was extremely helpful, thorough (and surprisingly enjoyable!). We feel like we've gained a great deal and learned a lot about the industry, in just two days. It's been a bit of an eye-opener and I'm so glad we came down. We'd recommend Ashbys and the course to anyone (as long as they fall outside of a 25 mile radius of Bury St Edmunds!).

      Thanks ever so much, hope it's going well down there and we look forward to hearing re the Sensei etc.!

      Z I Mladenov | 02/02/2014

      I had attended 2 -day training course In NCCA just a few days before your Stage 2 course... And i can easily say that your training course is very efficient and easy to understand... Also it helps us to get knowledge regarding the chemicals as well... So i found it very helpful...

      Ken Stephen | 17/11/2013

      The stage 1 & 2 courses were easy to follow, very enjoyable and presented in a relaxed way. Highly recommended, will certainly tell anybody interested in this type of course to contact you thank you.

      John Willson (Kent Carpet Cleaning) | 03/10/2013

      Hi Martin

      The course is rated at 5 star for both days. When Jordan returned, before I could ask how it all went, he told me and was absolutely full of info that he had learnt - this happened on both days.

      Jordan thought the course was well presented, good clear instructions were given from how the machines work, chemicals, Ph scale and fibre construction - it all made clear sense and left him totally confident to go out and continue with the carpet and upholstery cleaning plus new knowledge to help make him a better technician.

      Although he has used the machines etc... many times before, he still used them on the course but was a bit bemused that some people didn't seem interested in trying them out - he urged that if on the course then try out the different Ashby machines because they are fantastic to use and you will be very happy that you had the opportunity to do so.

      Overall, Jordan would recommend the course if you are thinking of coming into the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry, through to a good refresher to see new products and learn a few new techniques along the way as well.

      Well done to all of you for making it a great two days.

      Weiss Tahmas (Fentons Carpet Care) | 19/06/2013

      Overall the course was informative and presented in a simple easy to understand manner. The theoretical side was supplemented by demonstrations which helped to reaffirm our understanding.

      The course allowed sufficient time for Q&A which I found particularly useful. Also having been on two courses run by other companies, I did learn additional golden nuggets of information which I feel was useful . I guess that's down to Derek's years of experience in the field.

      Oh, and you will get a nice lunch as well :)


      Glen Stopps (FCCS East Sussex)  | 31/01/2013

      Attended stage 1 and stage 2 over 2 days. Great course with lots of information, I especially benefited from Derek's wealth of experience and tips of the trade. One star dropped as I found there was some repetition between the 2 days, but then it did give me chance to shop from you during that time! Easy to find premises after good information from your website and excellent hospitality whilst there. Friendly company offering lots of sales after-care and advice. Look forward to doing plenty of business in the future. Glen Stopps, FCCS East Sussex

      Jason Edworthy (Alpha Martin Ltd) | 31/01/2013

      The course was very good and informative. Not really any ideas on how to improve it. I would happily give them a 5 star rating.

      Peter Whiddon (Acorn Carpets)

      My son and I attended the training course in October 2012; the course duration was a full day incorporating a fantastic pub lunch.

      We found the course to be extremely informative and perfect for new comers into the carpet cleaning scene, but also ideal for anyone already in the business. The course was very well structured with both practical demonstrations as well as the science behind the chemicals and cleaning processes.

      I would give this course a 5 Star rating and would highly recommend it to others.

      Chris Starbuck (Sirius Carpet Care Ltd) | 26/11/2012

      Hi Martin,

      Hope you and your dad are well?

      I’ve been on another major suppliers course and found it more of a sales pitch for their products rather than a training course. Yours however was the other way round so thumbs up for that! Derek is clearly very knowledgeable and it was good to have a 1 day course that touches on all aspects of the industry rather than individual courses for each.

      From my point of view the only issue I have with courses of this nature is that they really are aimed at people working in the residential market rather than commercial. I appreciate that that will of course be your largest market however less enthuses on wet extraction and more on various dry systems would be beneficial to anyone working in this sector.

      What else to say…. Lunch of course was fantastic and a great way to bring the attendees together. The price was also right in my opinion, I certainly felt we got our money’s worth from the day.

      Perhaps a little more on the hard flooring side even if just an explanation of further methods for cleaning marble and granite etc would be good, time of course permitting!!!

      All in all a well-structured course providing a good basis of knowledge to build upon, presented in a friendly manor.

      Thanks again.

      Hristo Yordanov (Cosmopolit Cleaning) | 26/11/2012

      I found the course really helpful. If you allow me to suggest might be good idea if you could include some more specific issues and methods for cleaning leather suede, nu-buck, more delicate materials as silk and how to identify different type of stains and how to treat them properly.

      Jason Hall (Monmouthshire) | 23/11/2012

      Hi Martin,

      I would like to let you know how my stage 2 training course went.

      I thought I knew a lot about carpet cleaning before coming on this course. I was mainly after any additional information and the certificate, but as soon as Derek entered the room and started telling us about the agenda, I knew I was wrong. Carpet cleaning is a science, it’s not simply set the machine up and start cleaning.

      I found out about the many factors a job could easily go wrong if not done correctly, which is great for us and our insurance company! Learning about the different techniques of carpet and hard floor cleaning is extremely helpful when choosing which method to use for each job. Understanding the carpet and upholstery structures is very important in selecting which cleaning chemical to use etc.

      I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the lunch couldn't have been any better. I highly recommend this course if you’re serious about carpet cleaning and want to know every aspect of the job your planning on doing.

      5 star rating from me.

      Jason Hall, Monmouthshire

      PS - Thanks for taking the time this morning to answer my questions.

      Graeme Hicks | 22/11/2012

      Dear Derek

      I am writing to you to thank you for the excellent stage one and two training events I attended on Monday and Tuesday of this week. They were certainly informative and the knowledge I have gained puts me, I am sure on a firm footing for commencing my new carpet cleaning business, which I intend to officially start in January 2013.

      I found the structure of the courses excellent and all aspects of the carpet cleaning industry was covered in depth. You have excellent communication skills with an ability to deliver, in a clear and simplistic manner the vital techniques and information requiried for anybody to become successful in their business.. Now it is up to me to put all the things I have learn't into practice!!!

      You asked me to highlight where I believed the course could be improved and therefore I suggest that some of the data supplied in your Ashby's Essential Cleaning needs to be updated. For example the insurance company you quote has exchanged hands (something I brought to your attention at the dinner table). Also, in the methods of obtaining work there is no mention of a website which I feel should be included, as it is the first port of call for an increasing number of people.

      Thank you once again.

      Darren Casbolt | 21/11/2012
      The course I attended yesterday was very interesting and will help me furthering my career with C&C Cleaning. I found out a lot more than I already knew. Hopefully I will be able to attend more courses with you and also recommend that we should invest in one of your machines, as they are far better than the ones we currently use.
      Teresa (AmberGold Commercial Cleaning Service)  | 21/11/2012
      I would like to give your Stage 2 training course a 5 star rating. It was very professional and easy to understand. Therefore I appreciate your help, I feel very confident now with starting my business. I absolutely recommend this course to anyone who is starting their own business or who already has one. So I would just like to thank you Derek for this experience.
      Keith Smith | 20/03/2012
      This course was a really useful addition to the stage 1 course. I learned a lot about composition of carpets and also how easy it would be to introduce new income streams such as hard floor cleaning and maintenance. Ashbys were brilliant and looked after me really well. I am a better technician for this course.
      John Willson (Kent Carpet Cleaning Company Ltd- NCCA member M24) | 19/03/2012
      This was a really good course - very well run - good to see some practical work being done using the equipment and chemicals as well as the theory.