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      Sean - 1st Call Clean Bright | 13/12/2015

      As a novice to the carpet cleaning industry I decided to undertake training through Ashbys. I'm very pleased that I have, as I felt that the courses gave me a brilliant introduction to my new business venture.

      Ashbys is a family run company and it was a real pleasure to meet Derek and Martin, who are both friendly and knowledgeable. The 2 one day courses I found to be practical, informative, easy to understand and overall enjoyable. Furthermore, all course attendees are taken out to a very nice lunch, which gives you the opportunity to chat informally with Derek and Martin.

      I very much look forward to showing off my Enforcer machine to my new customers. 5 stars for the Stage 1 and 2 training courses and many thanks to Derek and Martin.

      Paul Russell - Russells Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services | 07/12/2015

      Hi Martin. Would just like to say thanks for the warm welcome I received when I came for the course. I got home safe, but a day late! as I got stuck in traffic due to not timing my journey properly, lol.The course was very informative and very easy to understand.

      As you know, I did Stage 1 and 2 including hard floors, as well as carpets and upholstery (which I was kind of clued up on). The demo’s were great to let me experience the hands-on, as I'd never used a buffer before. All in, I would rate this course with top marks.

      It was a pleasure and if our business ever takes off and we employ other staff, I will definitely be sending them your way for training.

      Gary Bashford - Oakhurst Carpet Cleaning | 11/11/2015

      Thank you for providing a very informative and interesting stage 1 & 2 training course. It was great to learn new techniques and about your range of products available for cleaning various fibres, along with finding out about more specialist cleaning approaches for certain materials.

      The included lunches were very enjoyable, it was great to have an informal chat with everyone and share ideas and experiences. 

      I would give this training courses 5 out of 5 and recommend it to anyone wanting to enter the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry, or those wanting to improve their skill set to cover a wider range of cleaning techniques.

      In all a very friendly, relaxed atmosphere, Derek is obviously very experienced in the industry and willing to share his wealth of knowledge throughout the course. 

      I was glad to be able to see the machines in action, and so impressed by the quality I ended up buying a new set-up at a great price.

      Thanks again.

      Chris Rhoads - CL Rhoads | 13/01/2015

      I am glad I took the Stage 1 course last week and I give it a rating of 5 stars. Derek presented a very informative course, and his insights and knowledge of the practical sides of carpet cleaning were well worth hearing. He made the concepts of stain removal easy to grasp and his stories were delightful. I now feel fully equipped with all the knowledge I need to run a carpet cleaning business. The lunch was excellent as well. I also appreciated being able to ‘put faces to the names’ at Ashbys, and look forward to a continued contact in the future.

      Mat and Dan - KDC Cleaning | 25/11/2014

      We really enjoyed the course, it was put together really well very informative and enjoyable. I've come away knowing a wealth of information which will help us every day. Would recommend to anyone.

      Sam Hunt - Suffolk Cleaning Specialists | 18/08/2014

      Sam (of Suffolk!) here - from the course on Tues and Weds. Just a very quick one to say thanks again. Joseph and I found the course invaluable. It was extremely helpful, thorough (and surprisingly enjoyable!). We feel like we've gained a great deal and learned a lot about the industry, in just two days. It's been a bit of an eye-opener and I'm so glad we came down. We'd recommend Ashbys and the course to anyone (as long as they fall outside of a 25 mile radius of Bury St Edmunds!).

      Thanks ever so much, hope it's going well down there and we look forward to hearing re the Sensei etc.!

      Richard Hall - Diamond Commercial Cleaning - Kent | 29/01/2014

      I attended the stage 1 practical carpet cleaning course as I run a cleaning business using sub-contractors for carpets as it is a specialist job that I have little experience in. When I talk to customers and quote for jobs it is essential that I can identify actual needs and advise the customer in an informed way. This course was excellent, covered in an informal easy to understand way. It allows you to use machines and have practical experience. I very much enjoyed the way it was presented by Derek Ashby, who has a great deal of experience and knowledge. His son Martin assisted and overall the course was exactly what I needed.

      Ken Stephen | 17/11/2013

      The stage 1 & 2 courses were easy to follow, very enjoyable and presented in a relaxed way. Highly recommended, will certainly tell anybody interested in this type of course to contact you thank you.

      Amit Bhadresa | 03/02/2014

      I found the course to be well structured , informative and most of all simple to follow. Your dad kept things simple as possible and did not make things complicated. It was good to have others on the course as I learnt a lot from them and how I should go about my business and what I should be doing. Also appreciated the fact there was no hard sell on any products.

      Evan Smith | 22/11/2013

      I found the 1 day stage 1 practical carpet, upholstery & curtain cleaning course very informative and was surprised that Derek was able to cover what he did without rushing through it. I would highly recommend it. The hospitality and friendly atmosphere second to none. Thanks for a great day.

      Ken Stephen | 17/11/2013

      The stage 1 & 2 courses were easy to follow, very enjoyable and presented in a relaxed way. Highly recommended, will certainly tell anybody interested in this type of course to contact you thank you.

      John Willson (Kent Carpet Cleaning) | 03/10/2013

      Hi Martin

      The course is rated at 5 star for both days. When Jordan returned, before I could ask how it all went, he told me and was absolutely full of info that he had learnt - this happened on both days.

      Jordan thought the course was well presented, good clear instructions were given from how the machines work, chemicals, Ph scale and fibre construction - it all made clear sense and left him totally confident to go out and continue with the carpet and upholstery cleaning plus new knowledge to help make him a better technician.

      Although he has used the machines etc... many times before, he still used them on the course but was a bit bemused that some people didn't seem interested in trying them out - he urged that if on the course then try out the different Ashby machines because they are fantastic to use and you will be very happy that you had the opportunity to do so.

      Overall, Jordan would recommend the course if you are thinking of coming into the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry, through to a good refresher to see new products and learn a few new techniques along the way as well.

      Well done to all of you for making it a great two days.

      Jay Patel (Dappers Carpet Care) | 13/06/2013

      I found the course very beneficial. Derek explained various methods and techniques in ways that were easy to remember and put to test during the course.

      Many thanks for a great day and the superb pub lunch just topped it off.

      Grant Savill | 30/04/2013

      The stage 1 Course I attended at Ashbys on 30/04/13 was great and I would not hesitate in giving a it a 5 Star rating. Very informative, great range of products & lots of free advice.

      I will be using Ashbys for all my cleaning supplies / machine needs and have been impressed with them from my first phone call regarding a machine / product order, through to the demonstration I received upon collecting my machine & the Stage 1 course.

      Jake Smolarek  (Innovate Carpets) | 26/03/2013

      The course was very good and learnt a few more tricks! Derek’s knowledge on the subject is very impressive and the course was enjoyable.

      James Dorrian (Street View Cleaning) | 15/03/2013

      Hi guys had a great day at training course , it was definitely a 5* and a great lunch too! See you at next course day, regards Jim.

      Russ Chadd (Prosteam UK) | 13/03/2013

      The Ashby’s stage 1, training day covers all the essential basics which would be of interest to anyone starting up a carpet and upholstery cleaning business.

      John Walsh (ValeVac) | 12/02/2013

      Went on the course as novice, came away with my new Enforcer ready to have a go at anything, really helpfull course taken by a real character, Derek. Some great tips, a really nice family run company and Martin makes a smashing cup of tea!

      Glen Stopps (FCCS East Sussex) | 31/01/2013

      Attended stage 1 and stage 2 over 2 days. Great course with lots of information, I especially benefited from Derek's wealth of experience and tips of the trade. One star dropped as I found there was some repetition between the 2 days, but then it did give me chance to shop from you during that time! Easy to find premises after good information from your website and excellent hospitality whilst there. Friendly company offering lots of sales after-care and advice. Look forward to doing plenty of business in the future. Glen Stopps, FCCS East Sussex

      Jason Edworthy (Alpha Martin Ltd) | 31/01/2013

      The course was very good and informative. Not really any ideas on how to improve it. I would happily give them a 5 star rating.

      John Baker (KJB Carpet Cleaning) | 17/01/2013

      5 stars for course and Enforcer.

      Lukasz Rowledge | 03/12/2012

      I would give this course a 4 star rating. Thank you very much.

      Graeme Hicks (Hicks Carpet Cleaning) | 22/11/2012

      Dear Derek

      I am writing to you to thank you for the excellent stage one and two training events I attended on Monday and Tuesday of this week. They were certainly informative and the knowledge I have gained puts me, I am sure on a firm footing for commencing my new carpet cleaning business, which I intend to officially start in January 2013.

      I found the structure of the courses excellent and all aspects of the carpet cleaning industry was covered in depth. You have excellent communication skills with an ability to deliver, in a clear and simplistic manner the vital techniques and information requiried for anybody to become successful in their business.. Now it is up to me to put all the things I have learn't into practice!!!

      You asked me to highlight where I believed the course could be improved and therefore I suggest that some of the data supplied in your Ashby's Essential Cleaning needs to be updated. For example the insurance company you quote has exchanged hands (something I brought to your attention at the dinner table). Also, in the methods of obtaining work there is no mention of a website which I feel should be included, as it is the first port of call for an increasing number of people.

      Thank you once again.

      Ken Leeder (Carpet Clean Northeast) | 21/11/2012

      Hello Derek

      Firstly may I say a big thank you for the help Martin and your team have given me over the past few months. An example of their assistance was last Friday when I made a basic error resulting in no suction power which a member of the team correctly spotted over the telephone and I was able to continue working, if a little red faced.

      The training course I attended could not be awarded less than 5 stars, as it gave me the confidence to get out and start working. What I really needed was an understanding of the equipment I was to use, all supplied by Ashbys and your emphasis on practicalities plus actual demonstration, was both enjoyable and motivational. Undoubtedly, I will be purchasing more of you machinery as my business progress.

      I would love to attend further courses but the distance from Durham presents a very real barrier. Please extend my regards to Martin.

      Steven Randall (Cleantech Kent) | 22/11/2012

      After attending your stage 1 course recently, I would rate the training as 5 star, the balance of theory and practical demonstration was just right, Derek shared a wealth of experience and knowledge throughout the day, since attending I have had the confidence to buy a machine, i have since been back to Ashby’s for advice and tips on best practice (thanks for your help Martin).

      I would highly recommend this course and I will be attending further training in the future.

      Dean Hinkley | 26/03/2012
      Hi Derek - its Dean. I was on the course last week. My Father in-law used to work as a franchisee with ServiceMaster. I have done a few paid jobs and things are going well. I found your course relaxing and informative, the only down side is we could only have 1 pint at lunch… shame on you! But no joking apart, I have quoted on a job today, booked it and know I can do a fantastic job with the equipment I purchased from you, so thanks. I will be in contact soon.
      Dave Mills | 21/03/2012
      Even though I have been carpet cleaning for over 10 years I still learnt things. I had received no formal training so it was good to learn that I was doing it at least 90% right, the extra 10% will make all the difference. Thanks for your hospitality and an excellent pub meal!! I have placed an order with you today and when I need a replacement machine I know where to come. Thanks again.
      Keith Smith (Blindingly Clean) | 20/03/2012
      The Stage 1 course was really interesting and very practical. It was a brilliant introduction to what it takes to clean carpets, upholstery and curtains to a professional standard. I would thoroughly recommend it. Nice people and a nice lunch too.
      Rajinder Randhawa (Myhome Oxford Ltd) | 19/03/2012
      I felt the course was very informative, however would have liked a little bit of training on the carpet system we had bought.
      Thank you for your review. I’m glad you found the course informative. As the training course is Insurance Approved and is guided by topics set out in the agenda, it’s not specific to one customers package. Any instruction on your new machine packages is free and available Mon – Fri, from 10 am – 2 pm from our Sittingbourne premises. Let me know when is convenient and Derek or I will make sure you know exactly how to use and get the best from your new equipment. Call me on 01795 436999 or email
      Martin Ashby