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      Upgrade Your Ninja to 400 psi - More Info

      Ninja body mouldings are tough and long lasting and Ashbys build all machines to suite the budget and requirements of our customers. Why not take advantage of the latest developments in power and working speed, we can upgrade and fully service your existing Ninja machine at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

      Upgrade to 400 psi pump. Higher pressure is balanced with reduced jet size to inject water quicker and deeper into carpet fibre rinsing out soilage without over wetting. If your pump has a low psi then you must move slowly to allow the water to seep into the carpet fibres. This relies on a soak in process, requiring more water and prolonged contact. If you inject the cleaning water at a higher pressure it requires less water to penetrate and far less time. This gives the operator a quicker and drier cleaning action. Also pressure is energy which activates the molecular structure of the water and increases its ability to absorb soilage. The other factor which improves the absorbency of the water is heat. Combined heat and pressure reduces water volume and speed of action and you have a perfect cleaning and fast drying combination.

      By moving quickly with the wand or power brush the hot solution is removed and the carpet fibres cooled by the vacuum resulting in less heat transfer to the carpet fibres and high speed drying.

      400 psi is the best pressure setting for carpet cleaning as it provides strong injection without driving water into carpet backings.