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      Why an Ashbys Full Service & Repair is so thorough, it’s unlike any other

      Ashbys range of professional specialist cleaning equipment is manufactured by us, to very precise design specifications. Our equipments extraordinary performance is produced by a combination of features unique to Ashbys Cleaning Equipment and only fully understood by our highly trained Service Engineers.

      To maintain the high efficiency of your equipment, only genuine parts which have been selected for their quality and operational suitability will keep your machine running at peak performance.

      An Ashbys Full Service not only maintains ‘as new’ performance levels, but also includes full PAT Certification. Crude, improvised repairs by uninformed engineers (used to working on very basic machines), will lower performance standards and are often electrically dangerous.

      Unsuitable, poor quality components which are often incorrectly installed will greatly reduce performance and reliability.

      Ashbys Cleaning Equipment and our team of skilled Service Engineers will maintain your equipment at optimum performance, reliability and safety - always.

      To book your equipment service or repair call us on 01795 436999 (Mon-Fri 08:00-16:30)